A board for HO members?

Hi, I think somebody mentioned in the post of John_E that it will be nice to have a space for members, for existing members or looking for someone etc.

By the way, it seems that I haven’t see Harter for a while, is he on vacation?

Wouldn’t the “Lounge” be the appropriate place for that?

Lounge isn’t visible for everybody.

Right, but if they don’t have access to the lounge, how do we really know they are missing?

Hmmm… I have access to a lounge… At some other site.
Did you tip the pilot?

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I’m not sure what the exact formula is, but once you reach a certain post count you will be awarded different badges, along with access to the HO Lounge.

Okay… Sounds good.
But I’m still curious about HO posters thar have access to that ‘other’ lounge. :blush:

The other lounge is kinda like the Platnum Membership in American Airlines’ Admirals Club or immigration to the US. It’s great when you first get the advantages of it, but it’s value seems to decline as others are granted access. Ultimately, you’re left with the conclusion that things would’ve been best if inclusion ended with you.

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I was thinking the reference to ‘the lounge’ was about a closed off ‘lounge’ at another message board site (fodors.com/forums), which was closed off to new users a few years ago, but is still open for longtime posters (the location boards are still open to all). I know that HO was mentioned over there, so I assumed this post was about that lounge.

Don’t worry, if you keep posting without being shy, then you will be “there” very soon!

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We should do that in site talk. My take is that a board with sparse postings is a board nobody visits.

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Okay, guys, I have thought and thought, and I can’t figure out WTH an HO board is. Laugh among yourselves, then somebody let me know, please?

The only things that come to mind right now are homeowner and ho, neither of which I think is right.

Ho’s, there is a board for Pimps so they think one for Ho’s is only appropriate. (Joke!!)

HO = Hungry Onion! That’s us!

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Ha! Of course! Thanks- boy, do I ever feel the fool.

Nahhhh it’s all good! :smiley:

What happened to the lounge?

I was wondering that too. I wanted to mourn Harters. Noticed a couple of others missing, too.

It’s now disabled.

Do you know why?