999 members in Hungry Onion, let's party!

A 1000 plates feast!!



something has hiccupped somewhere along the way – if you click on “users” it says 208.

I guess 208 users are only active users from week Feb 20 - 27

Actually in the “About” link, the active users active in the last 7 days = 444 users. So it’s strange.

And all time users is 979.

I got that number too when I clicked on all time, I wonder maybe there are some cancellation of membership?

I got this info of 999 new users here.

I tried to scroll down the user list for the week, and I saw myself several times.

:slight_smile: I don’t really know what’s the difference between 979 and 999 either. I look at the actual list of users. The correct number is 999!

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A little birdie told me one member was recently booted off, but that’s just one person.

I think the interesting stat that naf posts is the 444 active users in the week. I presume that’s registered users who have at least visited the site even if they haven’t contributed - which is pretty good going.


Wow!!! Already???

I guess I’m peeing in the punchbowl, but my impression is that while readership may be growing, the exchange of ideas has been waning. Quite a few threads get just a couple of replies, if any.

So I says to myself, I bet I know who. And I checked the user list. And I was right.

Maybe. It seems there are some members reading, rather than talking. If you see the weekly users, I was quite surprised that there are people who read up to 1-1.5k post a week and I hardly know those people.

Perhaps some of us learned from CH that repeating the same things ad nauseum serves no purpose. So if a couple of replies covers the subject then why keep saying me too, me too?


That 1000th member signed up already, s/he should get a big welcome! :grin::clap:

Well said, though I was never in CH.

Where would I find the user list, please?

Click on the “hamburger” icon (between your avatar & search) - “users” is in the right column, third from the top.

Three horizontal lines. To the left of the spyglass. :slight_smile:

@Harters, you can find it by clicking the Hamburger popdown next to your avatar in the upper right-hand corner, and going to Users. Change the time frame to “All Time” and it’ll list all users, starting with @linguafood since she’s received the most # of knife/fork “likes”. (She’s also given the most!) And you, Harters, have the second-most # of likes. :slight_smile:

Still find it strange that several of us are seeing 979 users, but @hungryonion is saying there are 999.