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At 9:21PM PST on w2/27/16 it said 987 All Time. Confusing indeed. Do we know the specific definition here for “unique user”?

Yeah, I am probably one of those people. … I haven’t been able to post much in the past few weeks, but not a day goes by that I don’t check in to see how The Hungry Onion and our posters are doing, and every once in awhile, I throw cutlery around :slight_smile: I am here as long as the ride lasts and will continue to contribute.

I also agree with Cathy. Sometimes one yes or no answer is enough. Yes, those peppers are spicy,.No, artichokes are not. There are no dumb questions but some only need one answer…

Well, there are dumb questions, really…but thankfully nobody has asked whether they should eat the +++ that they left out for "ummm maybe two days? and what is it supposed to smell like? :blush:

Take Care everyone. And Congratulations HO :star:


Thanks, all. Found the users now.

Interesting a couple call it the hamburger symbol. I’ve always just thought of it as the three lines.

I learned it is supposed to be called that over on The Other Site. Although I’d never heard it until it was insisted it is/was a “universal” name across the Internet world for whatever it is.

What hamburger icon?

This one:

Those three lines in the middle were called “the hamburger” on CH.

OH. Never heard that. I don’t even remember them having been there, though. :slight_smile:

I think they appeared with the latest format change. Don’t know if they’re still there, and can’t recall where they were.

They must be a standard thingy - they’re at the top of my Firefox home page and it’s where some standard commands like "find and “print” live.

I think it’s recently become something more standard, Harters. I’d really not paid attention to them before. I have it on my Google Chrome pages as well. I guess it’s what used to be called “Home” or something like that.

I read posts using my iPhone, but I will reply only from my laptop. I hate to type using the tiny screen keyboard on my phone.

In interface design, it is often referred as hamburger menu. Usually to substitute the menu bar that has several buttons for a “cleaner design”.

“Hamburger buttons have been criticized as a “poor design choice” in apps for mobile devices.[3]”

Agreed. I’m not overly wild about them on a desktop or laptop, either.

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Forget about the 3 bars! Say hello to the coffee cup!


I just noticed that when I logged on this morning. Cawfee works for me. :slight_smile: