88 Bao Bao - Rancho Cordova

Prompted by @shrinkrap ’s mention of the outpost of this chain in Vacaville, I decided to hit up the one a bit closer to my home base.

Beef roll. Filling was excellent and uncommonly plentiful, thin strips of hoisin marinated beef and plenty of cilantro. The pancake was a little pale and could have used some crisping up.

Wontons in chili oil. A nice mix of mala numbing plus heat with a nice nutty/sesame edge.

XLB : Pork filling. The skins are a rough thicker than they might be, and the soup lacked the depth of the best versions of these. Still quite good. Just not great.

It’s no Din Tai Fung, but it is both cheaper and more convenient, and that counts for a lot. The ambiance is considerably more casual than DTF or even than Elk Grove’s Journey to the Dumpling. But the service is prompt, which is more than I can say for Journey.

I’m quite sure we’ll be back.