88 Bao Bao Dumpling House in Vacaville !

So far it’s fine; I got it to go, and the soup dumplings were warm and not hot, my fault, wrapper a touch thick on the twisted part, flavor good.

I enjoyed the shaomai quite a bit more, and it was still hot!

The leek and pork steamed dumplings were also good, but again, thick at the folded edge

It’s no Yank Sing, but it’s aight.


I just learned that this place has a location in Elk Grove (which is closer than Vacaville). Plans are being made to check them out once I return from visiting Mom in Chicago this weekend.

Having just gone to Din Tai Fung in Santa Clara a couple of weekends ago, the partner and I were lamenting the lack of XLB here in town, and reddit suddenly threw out several places in Elk Grove that I had been previously unaware of.

Alas, I have yet to find a decent dan dan noodle. There was one (Yang’s Noodle, RIP), but they lost their first chef, experienced a sharp downgrade in quality, and COVID killed them off for good.


I wish I could beam over there and spend a month dining out.
Guess I’m hungry LOL

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I’m going to Chicago in about 10 days!

I don’t know that you should use a wish beaming to Vacaville, but there are loads of amazing eats within 30- 45 minutes.

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Pequod’s Pizza. If not Pequod’s, Lou Malnati’s.

A hot dog. Anyplace that displays a Vienna sign. That does NOT include Portillo’s. Fine if you want an Italian beef (you do) but avoid the hot dogs. Also, cheese fries. You want them.

Get you some real White Castle sliders if you haven’t had them before. Everyone should try them at least once. If you can manage to do so while drunk/stoned, even better. Best enjoyed after last call.

Harold’s Fried Chicken. A south-side institution.

Should you have the opportunity, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Pullman neighborhood (https://www.pullmanil.org/). Fascinating history, gorgeous buildings.

Hopefully, the air will be more breathable by the time you arrive. It’s better than it was a few days ago, so, finger’s crossed.

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Thank you so much!

I grew up eating White Castle hamburgers after dance classes in New York in the sixties, maybe seventies! I didn’t realize the restaurants were still a thing!

I was last there in 2019 and went to Gus’s for fried chicken and really enjoyed the chicken and the adventure of walking there from the hotel.

My hair dresser has recommended it!

I took one of those river cruises, which I enjoyed way more than expected! Husband is taking one this trip, while I am in “workshops”. I will look up and mention the Pullman neighborhood.

My sister lived in Chicago for awhile, and I thought I’d had my share of various hot dogs, pizza, and Greek restaurants, but maybe not!

I am attending a conference with limited time for eating and I am mostly limiting my self to “downtown” but I appreciate, and will certainly keep your suggestions in mind!

Thanks again!

Well, okay, I’ll beam to San Fransisco (haven’t been there since the early '70s), and then take it from there. But definitely a BaoBao Dumpling house visit, and dim sum at least every other day

Or Napa! But not as many dumpling options there

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That says quite a bit.

If it’s only “aight” for Vacaville what would it rate in Roseville, much less a place like Elk Grove where the dumpling and XLB options, while not aplenty, are not as sparse as the home of Jelly Belly factory.

I don’t know; I’ll try to check those places when I am up there to eat. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And Jelly Belly is in Fairfield, so there!

I had some I enjoyed some at The Dumpling House in Davis last week .


There’s an 88 Bao Bao in Castro Valley too–I hadn’t realized it was a chain. Need to try it sometime.

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Where in Elk Grove? The closest one to Elk Grove I can find is in Rancho.

You are correct. I was conflating it with Hidden Dumpling, which IS in Elk.Grove and, I just learned, opening a location in Midtown.

AS IS Journey to the Dumpling.

Ha, I had my first (and last) deep fried Twinkie 20 years ago at some previous fish and chip incarnation at that location.

Is this place related to Dumpling and Tea House in Curtis Park/Sac and Dumpling House in Downtown Sac? I recall liking one of those better than Hao Bao.

Yeah! I remembered that place when I realized where this place was. I remember fish and chips at that chain being okay somewhere, maybe somewhere in SF, but the last time I went to the one in Fairfield was pretty ominous.

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That’s okay- I have a wide open palate and will make do around the whole area, in my perfect world where you can beam from place to place.

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Interesting. The Brentwood, Rancho Cordova, and Vacaville locations have the currently popular style of pleat down, not so leavened, juicy sheng jian bao: the Castro Valley and Dublin locations, per yelp photos, just have the puffy, pleat up, not capable of retaining free liquid style.


Oops. Missed this part. I don’t know. I’m going to Davis most weeks now, and hope to wake up or start a new thread.

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