57 Sandwiches That Define New York City

Oh, look! A new NYT list to nitpick :wink:

On my list of sammiches to try, nonetheless:

Radio Bakery’s smoked salmon
Alidoro’s Michelangelo
Blue Sky Deli’s Chopped cheese
Foster Sundry’s Porchettaboutit
Golden Diner’s Chicken katsu club
Agi’s Counter’s Confit tuna melt
Cemitas El Tigre’s Short rib barbacoa cemita


Even if someone’s unlikely to get around to trying these sandwiches in NY (raises hand), there look to be interesting sandwich ideas here. I look forward to poring through the list.


Just 57?

Wonder what the 58th sandwich was.

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Probably either a hot dog or a taco.


Prosciutto and butter? Prosciutto and BUTTER???

Actually that sounds delicious. Gonna have to try that ASAP.


Sounds like a riff on … jambon beurre?


I believe you are correct.

And here I thought sandwiches in SF were expensive…

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I was befuddled by the story. I eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch. Been doing that for decades. Several of these are iconic to NYC. But many of them I couldn’t see the NYC connection. Frankly a lot of them exist in a single place so I don’t understand how they could in anyway define the city. Maybe it’s the writer. Of all the food writers for the NY Times, I find her stories the weakest. My recollection is that she is a relatively newcomer to the city. Probably hasn’t figured out the city yet but she’s desperately trying to prove she belongs here.

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Totally agree with your sentiment
Also the second best sandwich option in NYC in my opinion is fresh mozzarella, imported prosciutto, roasted red peppers with a bit of balsamic vinegar from a legitimate Salumeria on good semolina bread not hard to find if you know where to look.Pastrami is always the first option and while I am at it , Sturgeon at Barney Greengrass is pretty hard to beat except for the pastrami smoked salmon.


Nova and a shmear for me at Barney Greengrass. To go, and I then eat it in Central Park.

When I lived in NYC almost 30 years ago, I loved chicken parm sandwiches.

My favourite breakfast sandwich is the Originale at Sullivan Street Bakery, with crispy prosciutto, eggs and semi-dried tomatoes.
This listicle from 2018 led me to it.

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There’s so much clickbait these days.

NYT isn’t really writing this stuff for New Yorkers anymore. (I mean the New York-specific articles — the rest of the paper has always had broad readership of course).

I mean, how many of us who actually live here have eaten how many of these?

So “define” to whom? Non-New Yorkers gawking in?


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Aw, I knew I could count on the NYer contingent to chime in :wink:

A lot of Berliners (myself included) felt similar about the endless barrage of ‘articles’ in the NYT touting Berlin as the coolest place to be on the planet, and prompting seemingly half of Brooklyn to set up shop here — so I’m glad they moved on.

And really, is there a greater pleasure of living in a popular city than being able to ridicule those less privileged and ‘desperate to belong?’

These EXACT sandwiches? Three. And another seven or eight similar ones at different places that those mentioned.


As someone who has never been to New York, I have to say that I’m enjoying this article, and it’s making me really hungry. I think it’s more aspirational than anything else. As someone from the SFBA, I’m used to reading food articles about what is supposedly best here, and people rarely agree with them.
I look forward to reading the NYT food section online every Wednesday even knowing that most of it will be about places I’ll never experience. But one can dream, right?


Light summer reading with more or less enticing pics (I already mentioned the most salivatory sammiches in my OP).

I don’t expect to have my mind blown by any of these food feature articles. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I always read these listicles and check off the ones I’ve tried. I haven’t gone through this 57 sandwich list yet.

I’m embarrassed to say, despite living in NYC for a year in the 90s, and spending around 100 nights in NYC as a visitor over the past 40 years, I’ve never had a sandwich at Katz’s or 2nd Ave Deli. I have been to Sarge’s many times, and Carnegie a couple times before it closed, and some other delis that are long gone.

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You should give 2nd Avenue Deli a try, if only because it’s one of the last true kosher delis in NYC.

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Don’t go for the pastrami - huge disappointment

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