57 Sandwiches That Define New York City

I have been to Mendy’s, another kosher deli!

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This has to be the worst take I have ever seen on HO. By a long shot.

The pastrami at Katz’s is the best there is. Even if you don’t agree with that, if you consider it a disappointment, you don’t know good pastrami. Or maybe you misguidedly ordered it lean…

Only the rye bread deserves to be dissed.


A pastrami sandwich isn’t only about the pastrami but the whole sandwich including the bread. If you buy a BLT you also don’t judge it just by the bacon and tomato. And so overall the pastrami sandwich at Katz was a huge disappointment


It’s the very best pastrami sandwich I’ve ever had. A friend and her 13 year old daughter visited NYC a few months ago, first time. Daughter said Katz’ pastrami has ruined her for any pastrami she can get in SF Bay Area.


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The pastrami is comparable in quality to the one at Langers but as a whole sandwich Langers plays in a different league than Katz
We haven’t found any pastrami sandwiches which even come reasonably close to Langers in the Bay area

I haven’t been to LA area in over 30 years, didn’t know about Langer’s when I was there.

The bar’s not set very high here in the SF BA. Has she tried The Refuge in San Carlos? I think their pastrami is pretty good. I sit outside, have half a sandwich and a glass of Prosecco, and I’m happy.

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It’s pretty pricey, right? I’m sure she hasn’t been there, she lives in Fremont.

I have a good friend who’d never been to NYC; I kept nagging him, saying how can you live, never having been there. This was in 2012, his wife and 4 kids were back living in Jordan then and he’d go back there a few times a year.

So we went that October, hotel prices so high because good weather. We were there 4.5 days, went to Metropolitan Museum twice, Katz, Nova Salmon bagel from Russ & Daughters that we ate on Staten Island Ferry. Peter Lugar in Brooklyn, waiter had attitude but steak was great. Then we took the train to Boston, rented a car for a week, went to Nantucket, Maine etc, lobsters, whole belly fried clams. (Italian pastries at Modern.) Nantucket is the opposite of the Tenderloin where his corner market is located.

He never stops talking about how great the trip was and he would never have gone if I hadn’t forced him.

Don’t you want to visit NYC?

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Good pastrami isn’t cheap anywhere! I tried to find a link to the menu with prices listed, but wasn’t successful.
I think your friend’s trip was a big success because of his guide! :grinning:


The 2nd Avenue Deli was always my go-to for pastrami sandwiches, not just for the excellent sandwiches but also because they also had all the faves of my youth (mushroom and barley, chicken in a pot, etc.). And they’re one of the last strictly kosher delis.


Langer’s sandwich is fabulous because of the fantastic bread.

And while the pastrami itself is not quite as good, I agree that it’s comparable in quality to Katz’s.

So I have ZERO issue that you prefer Langer’s to Katz’s. Personally, I think it’s a close call.

But saying Katz’s pastrami is a “huge disappointment” - especially in isolation, lacking context, not even using the word sandwich - is still a bridge too far.

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I guess we have to agree to disagree - Katz pastrami sandwich was a huge disappointment for me (and I also don’t think that the pastrami in itself is superior at Katz)

So tacos and hot dogs count as sandwiches in NY?


Cube Rule


That’s the joke.

I did!

I grew up on pastrami in Queens, although I don’t remember it being talked about. I liked Katz as an adult (although it’s been a few years) and Langer’s, but I don’t focus much on the bread. Especially at Katz; there’s enough meat for many sandwiches.


I’ve never been disappointed by the pastrami at Katz. I don’t care what people say about the bread. It always irks me when people confuse their preference with “the best.”

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*their best :wink: