4 quart cladded SS

Which brand has the thickest aluminum up to the lip in cladded SS for a 4 quart sauce pot? I doubt it’s AllClad which is why I ask. TIA.

Demeyere Industry has a 4 quart “sauté” that is deep enough to call a pot. It is fully clad 3mm. It is more of a deep casserole at just 24cm diameter. Not sure what you will find any thicker without a long handle.

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The Demeyere Industry/5Plus actually has a regular saucepan in that size. I have it and it’s 3.3+ mm up the sidewall. There is also an All Clad d7 that may be thicker, but has more stainless steel in that mix. It’s a workhorse in our kitchen and was put to good use today. .

I thought you were a copper sort of person. Are you looking for a long handled sauce pan or a 2 handled pot/? Does it need to be induction compatible?

I am agnostic. I have copper, Demeyere, carbon steel, cast iron, and enameled cast iron.

I am researching my options. Ironically, used copper might be my least expensive option.

I have the 3.5 quart Demeyere Atlantis saucier, but I am unhappy with the amount of real estate it takes on the stove during a busy cooking day. Thinking I might get better service with a regular sauce pot with about an eight inch diameter.

Many thanks for the references to the Demeyere Industry. I love Demeyere but that pot is aesthetically challenged to my eye. I actually like the looks of the Vollgrath better. Not sure how they compare in terms of aluminum thickness.

The Demeyere 5Plus actually has softer lines than the Industry, as does the Sensation. If I was starting over, I’d go with it. Cutlery and More has it on sale. The Tribute is advertised as 8 gauge, aka 3.1 mm. I’ve been experimenting with ordering tinned copper from France – its in that price range or less with the Euro being so low.

Demeyere Atlantis makes a tall stock pot, 5.3 quarts under 8 inches in diameter. Disk bottom.

Does anybody know the thickness of the copper in the disk?

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2 mm of copper.

All-Clad LTD saucepans were nearly 3.6mm. Don’t know what current production is. No exterior SS though.

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Thanks. If I go copper, which I might, I want tin lining.

@Hiracer: I have the Demeyere 8qt; it’s a great pot. If you are interested in copper disk, I think Sitram Catering comes in 5.4 quarts as well, in the sauce pan format.

My second attempt to source a 3.6qt tinned lined Mauviel is underway. I had to get a replacement as my first order from Europe got a small ding. It’s a 2.5mm hammered copper version. We’ll see. It’s not quite as thick as the 3mm I picked up at Cookin’

That’s smart. At and above the 4Q size, you can occasionally find 3.5-4mm tinned copper. Gotta do your time at the gym, though…

Kaleo, I already have a ten quart 3.5mm saucepot, so I ‘gots the guns’ for a little four-quarter. LOL.

Gooster, good luck with the search.

Hi, Hiracer:

Good, stay strong. My 2G copper saucepan is still manageable for me since I added a helper loop. But the 12G stocker is dangerous without help.

Many people do not have the wrist strength to wrestle an “un-helpered” 4Q, 3.5mm copper saucepan. But I didn’t mean to question yours…


Thanks Hiracer – they are replacing the pot on their expense, so I hope they ship it correctly. It was only $120 with shipping, I recall. I’m actually trying to stop buying – for now, that is.

@Kaleo The 2.5qt 3mm+ I got weighs a ton, and the 28 mm 3.3+mm new rondeau even more. I actually won (in like third place, a fall through offer on Ebay) a 4 mm 10+ qt ginormous pot. I ended up declining it. I decided I probably wouldn’t ever use something that huge. I need to stop buying — at least for now.

At least the Demeyere Industry has a helper handle. It’s the most used pot in the house, right now.

I use two hands on the long handle. I figure that’s why the handles have such length. That, and reliance on a ladle once full.

I own this pot and love it. At first ai though it was an odd bird but it has ended up being really versatile, allowing me to avoid the larger stocker 9 out of 10 times.