4 decadent dayz in Montreal

Hot town, summer in the city Montreal edition.
First dinner was at Foxy. Their specialty is cooking pretty much everything in the wood fire oven so everything is touched by fire.
sorry about the vague descriptions, I should really write things down, but I’m too lazy :slight_smile:
Started with a delicious Negroni- so refresh
" 3 layers dip" brandade/herbs/homemade pita
“Nordic shrimp” baby shrimp just barley cooked in the oven/cucumber/dill/lemon So light and refreshing.
A glass of delicious orange wine from Lisbon.
Crispy, crispy skin arctic char/new potatoes/sorrel sauce. Perfectly cooked and the crispiest skin ever.
Dessert was chocolate/zucchini layer cake with brown butter and salted caramel.


I forgot to mention how delicious everything was, how good the service was and how lovely and pleasant the patio was :slight_smile:


You ate well. Atta boy.

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Me too! But I like to think a picture is worth a thousand, or at least 10 words.

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Day 2 dinner at Cabaret L’Enfer
Tasting menu with 7 courses + the lobster option + the Chef kindly showered my pasta course with black truffles gratuitement + wine pairing for 7 courses, a very special place indeed.

*It was easier to post my cheesy Instagram photos than to post individually.


Day 3 , dinner at Le Vin Papillon.

Jambon de la petite Bourgogne. 1/2 portion, but I could have easily scarfed down a full portion.
Bitter lettuce salad, radicchio/endive, sunflower dressing. Much needed ruffage, hit the mark.
Brochette de calamars. Perfectly grilled and delicious.
Warm hazelnut/chocolate madeleines/chocolate mousse/candied hazelnuts. The star of the show.
I really enjoyed my dinner here, food was delicious, service was good, but they were rammed and it showed with the timing of the plates plus sitting at the bar was V uncomfortable as we were packed in like sardines. Would return, but def wouldn’t sit at the bar.


Thank you for that Peter!

Le Vin Papillon is one of my go-tos (and I enjoy sitting at the bar) and I enjoyed my last visit at Foxy but I will have to try Cabaret l’Enfer (one of my covid backlogs I need to go through)

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
I’m a bit of a husky guy, so the bar seating there wasn’t optimal for my enjoyment, but I know they have to utilize every inch of real-estate to the max.
Caberet l’enfer was one of the best meals I’ve ever had, I can’t recommend enough, and if you haven’t already been, Nora Grey was also outstanding.


Last full day and eats in Montreal July/14/23
Dinner at Nora Grey, another fantastic meal, service and music. Sat at the bar and was treated like a champ by the lovely and talented bartender. Highly recommend.

Started the evening with a delicious and refreshing cocktail, the “La Colomba” tequila/curacao/grapefruit juice/lime/prosecco. So good and I’m not a huge fan of tequila.

Homemade focaccia/pepperoncini/Pacina olive oil. Excellent

Had their summer salad but the photo was terrible, but the salad was just what I needed.

Garganelli pasta/guinea fowl meatballs/baby kale/cheese Maybe one of the best pastas I’ve ever had in my life.


Grilled sweetbreads/canellini beans/spinach I’ll never not order sweetbreads when I see them on a menu, and these didn’t disappoint. Yum!!
Hazelnut semifreddo/macerated haskap berries A perfect ending to a great meal.
There was also a couple of glasses of perfectly matched red wines with dinner.

Some random lunches and snacks consumed during my stay.