3 Westerly Bar and Grill opening 4/4/17 on Ossining's waterfront

Just passed Ossining train station on the Hudson line and I caught a glimpse of a new restaurant right next to the new Harbor Square apartments. It is called 3 Westerly Bar and Grill. Hoping for another good local spot!

Here’s the website: http://www.3westerly.com

Looks like a new waterfront dining option. Can’t wait!

Wow, it looks beautiful! I hope it will be worth a trip from Goldens Bridge! Good food on the water would be a good thing!

I hope it opens soon! You’ll be the first to know if it’s worth a trip from GB! :slight_smile:

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I drove by 3 Westerly the other day and got out to look around. Their facebook says fall 2016 but it’s hard to tell if that’ll actually happen. What I can say is that regardless of whatever the food is like this will be a beautiful place to get a drink. It has an unobstructed view of the water, with only a very nice grassy lawn between it and the river. I am very curious to see what they do about parking. Very excited for this to open!

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So this place is due to open any day now-- sometime in April this article says. I don’t love the word “swank” in the title of the article-- I was hoping for something more laidback-- but knowing Ossining it will probably end up laidback if locals are indeed their target diners. Anyway the chef sounds interesting; he is Chinese and has a French cooking background. The menu is now up on the website and looks a tad pricey but they do have sandwiches and burgers and stuff in addition to the more expensive entrees. I am hopeful the food will live up to the gorgeous looking interior and patio. I’ll be watching this place to try to catch it as soon as it opens!

One of our favorite places in San Francisco years ago was a place called Tommy Toys. Cuisine was called “chinoise” and it was a great mix of French and Chinese. Looks like this place is American and Chinese but ya never know. I just remember I had a great duck!

Looking forward to visiting this new restaurant and making some stops on that side of the county…

Looks like opentable debut is April 4, Tuesday. Assuming they will have a soft opening this weekend. I made a reservation for next weekend. Can’t wait!

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Soft opening is tonight. We are headed there for some snacks and a drink. Will report back!

So we went to 3 Westerly tonight. At about 630 pm the bar was packed for happy hour (m-f 4-7). We managed to grab seats. This place is absolutely stunning. The interior artfully and ingeniously maximizes the view of the river-- the two dining rooms are directly facing the water and the bar is behind the main dining room but elevated so you can still see the water from the bar seats. There is also some banquette seating in the bar, along with an upper seating level. High ceilings and interesting fixtures. The bar itself is a beautiful piece of black (faux?) Stone. Noise will be an issue here at the bar at least. It was quite loud.

Considering this was their first night the service seemed surprisingly together, at least at the bar. We had a very competent and friendly bartender serving us. She made an excellent cocktail for me with bourbon, ginger liqueur, simple syrup and lime juice. The beer list is very extensive and my husband managed to find two he’s never had before, an Anderson Valley gose and Ballast Point red, both of which he pronounced excellent.

We barely put a dent in the menu but what I will say is that happy hour has some nice bites on it-- we had some tasty spare ribs and the duck tacos. I like the duck tacos at Half Moon better but my husband disagreed and said these were better. Dessert was a cookie skillet that could have been a tad warmer but it was a nice sweet end to the meal.

The crowd was lively and a mix of ages. Everyone seemed excited to be there. I’m thrilled for this place to be in Ossining and I hope it enlivens the riverfront there. In the summer this place will be jammed and with good reason. The outdoor space has a separate bar and plenty of seating. Looking forward to some warm summer nights enjoying the view!!


Thanks for the follow up report, icecream. I hear the ownership operates a number of restaurants in New Jersey…
Looking forward to visiting.

I went for dinner on Friday.

First of all I really have to commend them. They had only been open 4 days and considering this (even not considering this, honestly) the service was very good. They really had their act together.

At 6:30 the main dining room was packed. There isn’t a bad seat in the house-- you really have a view from every seat. We got to sit in one of the super comfortable semi circle round booths and I was seriously the most comfortable I’ve ever been while eating. The side room was full by the time we left. It has slightly less character but still no bad seat in that room either.

As mentioned, the beer selection is quite good-- choices for craft beer aficionados and no frills beer drinkers alike. I had the same drink I had on Tuesday and it was just as good.

I’ll be honest. The food is not spectacular. There is nothing that blew us away. But there were no complete duds either. I’d say the menu is priced a tad high for the quality of food. However, you are of course paying a premium for the river setting. If you are going to take a trip here, it is going to be for that river view and not the food. But the view is reason enough to visit… Appetizers were bourbon bbq wings (could have been a bit more aggressively flavored and hot (temperature), a giant pretzel which we loved, and a serviceable salad with nice fresh ingredients. The burger was the favorite of the entrees. It was cooked to medium as ordered and very juicy. The lobster roll was average-- a bit overdone with the mayo. The fries that came with both sandwiches could have been a touch hotter but I give them a pass on that for this visit. I’m expecting they’ll work out timing as they get their groove. My husband got the veal osso bucco dumplings which he loved but I have beef (veal?) with the portion size. For $22 it was an appetizer size portion. I think there were five little dumplings and a paltry vegetable side. This was listed under entrees so they either have to increase the portion size and enhance the side or move it to the small bites section of the menu. Minor quibble though.

Dessert was little bomboloni with creme anglaise-- again, nothing spectacular, but satisfying. The sundae with hazelnut gelato in a waffle cone was more our speed. Both could have benefited from some sort of twist or creative flair.

We will be back again for sure considering how convenient it is and this place will be hopping when their outdoor patio opens. In fact, maybe with this weather the patio is open. I’m hoping as time goes on the food improves relative to price and they find their niche. Regardless we’ll be hitting up happy hour here often.


Very nice linking to HO over on CH on the anniversary post!! I did it too on the Westerly!

Went for drinks and appetizers on Friday. Be warned that the food service at the bar is disorganized and not up to par. Now they’ve been open a few weeks so I wasn’t as willing to let it slide-- they need to put the bar seats #s on the food ticket so the bus boys know where to deliver the food. Someone else got our pretzel because they just walk down the line asking who ordered stuff without knowing the order in which people ordered it.

Drinks are stillgreat though… And the outdoor seating is open even though the bar may not be.

Sad to report that 3 Westerly is not much more than a pretty place to get a drink, unless they get their act together soon.

The bartender made me a Moscow Mule as requested, handed it to me, and told me she had made it without ginger beer because they were out of it. Seriously? That’s basically the main ingredient. The outdoor bar was like a scene from the desperate housewives of NJ, seriously I don’t know where these rude people came from.

We got a table and had some appetizers and drinks. I’m glad a family member gave me a recipe for her spinach artichoke dip that probably costs 5 dollars to make a 9x13 tray of dip and is delicious because it highlighted how outrageous it is that they are charging over $10 for a cup of dip that is basically plain chopped defrosted frozen spinach, some canned artichoke, and a tiny bit of cream to hold it together. Not happy with that. The salad was fine but it was called “little gem” which is a type of heirloom lettuces I’m growing in my garden and this was some sad looking romaine. My pizza was also fine, but it had tomato on it which was not listed and the olives and artichokes were right out of a can. My husband liked his French dip sandwich and fries. We skipped dessert for cake at home.

I cannot recommend this place at all other than the absolutely beautiful view from the patio. Go for a drink but ensure they have all the ingredients for your drink, otherwise you might get, for example, a gin and tonic without tonic or a vodka and soda without soda.

Sounds just awful!!!

Really disappointing. They made this gorgeous restaurant in a beautiful spot and they are basically serving cafeteria food.

I find that happens a lot in those locations. They rely on the setting - and draw people too!

What a letdown. What kind of bartender would send out a Moscow Mule without ginger beer? I’m really disgusted with these eateries that are all style over substance.

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get! In the moment I think I was just shocked!

They were packed so I guess there are plenty of people who care more about style over substance. Sigh.

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