2022 Inexpensive Kitchen Knife Recommendation from American Test Kitchen

Really, Kaleo?

Am I so naive to believe them at face value? I like their style of doing tests, involving lots of testers, sometimes sending tools to MIT in one case to take high magnification images of something or the other.

I can’t imagine if we didn’t have ATK, we would have nobody making useful comparisons and our best evidence would be anecdotal, relying on opinions of one another based on personal experience.

I wish they would broaden their testing to include less common products and even vintage items only available on the secondary market. Then we might have a sense of excellent tools that are no longer in production like your sunbeam toaster.

I was annoyed at them for example when they didn’t include a Bamix in their stick blender comparison video. And I’m not sure they included ankarsrum in their stand mixer evaluations but I could be misremembering. And their best high end chef knife was the mass produced Zwilling Kramer. Maybe that’s the best mass produced chef knife, but how valuable is that information? Not much to me. why not include higher end Japanese knives? And also the best China has to offer as theirs are getting better and better, and some made in USA options that are well above cheap NSF workhorses made for Chipotle.

Though they have a lot of room to improve in terms of evaluating the higher end of the tool spectrum, I remember when they weren’t as prolific, and I feel the kitchen world is better with them in it. How is it they actively prevent cream from rising, by preventing the random sampling of tools by consumers and diverting the masses to all buy the same Victorinox chef knife?

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I do not know that ATK is a true barrier to cream rising, but I awarded the post forks up for pointing out how much buying patterns have moved online. Also, in the online world true influencers can help unknowns be made known and catch on. In the world of kitchenware, ATK is clearly a major influencer.

So if I order a knife online and have it delivered to someone else, how do they pay me my penny?

My opinion is that limiting the tested models–as they charcteristically do–creates the misimpression in readers that these are the (only) models worthy of consideration. In other words, they pre-curate what they test, and almost never include the 6-8 best tools. IMO, they might as well test only things carried by Costco.

I wish ATK would stick to what it does best: refine recipes, discover cooking hacks, and explain techniques and ingredients.

So yes, really.

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You really don’t need much sharpening skills for Kiwis; and as cheap as they are you will never worry about it.