2022 American Cured Meats Championship

From a friend’s blog:


Is anyone familiar with any of these?

He was a regular on Roadfood.
Haven’t heard from him since the demise of the site.
He never migrated to FB.
He’d fit right in here.
I’ll go read…
Thanks :blush:


I know this place outside KC. They supply restaurants all over.

Looks like Tulare meat lockers and sausage co. is worth a drive.

He was in Austin many years before RF, a big contributor on the Texas board on CH but left of his own accord over moderation issues, I think. Fled Austin as the ‘here’s the latest trendy new restaurant you need to be excited about’ approach took over.

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Re: Tulare. Excellent. They won/placed in several as I recall? Looking forward to a report. Will check out Paradise, too.

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