2021 Veggie gardens

My low maintenance scallions are loving the warmer than usual spell. I’ll have to think of a way to use these up the next few weeks.

Started seedlings early this year, and so far have little spindley babies of watermelon radish (newbie here), a Russian purple tomato (freebie seeds that were thrown in an order), and a "space master"cucumber plant (also newbie). I was looking for the small Lebanese cuke variety. The seeds were surprisingly large, so I hope these are the right kind.

Sadly my shishito are not germinating this year. I just restarted with the new pots with fresh seeds. Fingers crossed that these will grow. I also sowed some cilantro, and bought a random blueberry bush that I found super cheap from a discount store. I’ll be lucky if this even grows, and there’s will most definitely be no fruit for years. I always wanted a blueberry bush though, so I couldn’t resist when I found it for $7. :grimacing:


Go on. GO ON!

Nice @kobuta !

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I don’t consider it paradise for growing things. Especially in the summer. The dirt is light beige from lack of organic material, my house’s soil is so clayish I think you could make pottery with it. I’m close enoough to a wash for the very top stuff from floods ends up in my yard, aka clay, while people a bit closer have so much sand that water just whooshes on past the roots so fast they barely have a chance to absorb it. Gardening is challenging here. BUT- saguaros grow here. If you water them 3-4 times a year they grow WAY faster- just don’t water them if you’ve had rain in the last several months. But I live in a part of town with bad soil. Downtown the soil is better. And we can grow pansies all winter. And I have some three year old potted patchouli plants that are about to bloom!


True story- a friend had a neighbor with a peach tree that overhung his shed, so he liked that and some of the little peaches. He realized at one point that his kids had been really good about picking up after the dog. He had to get something out of the shed at some point (not a gardener, he was a medical electronics/music genius). He opened up the shed and discovered it was full of peach pits and dog turds.

:neutral_face:I’m not liking that.

Maybe it was the way he said it- really brought the house down when he told us.

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That’s a lot of scallions! A smart way to grow inside the bricks.

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Quite a story.

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You must like gardening a lot, when its against all odds.


I meant I’m not clicking on the fork and knife. Yuck.

We have Packrats here, too, theEastern Bushy-tailed Wood Rat". They’re really cute, like a miniature Chinchilla. But, they’re destructive and steal whatever strikes their fancy, and pile it up. We’re missing a LOT of white plastic labels in the nursery and I’m wondering what beastie removed them.

Kobuta, you might want to save seeds from the Watermelon Radish (Beauty Heart/Red Meat). That one usually does not form a big root if spring planted; it goes to seed. It’s a fall radish, making large roots when the days are getting shorter and cooler. One of the best multi-season radishes is Shunkyo, a semi long radish which seems to tolerate more hot weather than most.

Shrinkrap, those aerogarden seedlings look amazing!

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