2019 new year's resolutions

(Dan) #21

Pricey but they last forever and keep my cut up bananas fresh and not browned forever. I think bananas are a great test for usefulness since they brown in cold storage quickly.


Many stores will accommodate your clean container. If it is a re-purposed container be sure the scan code has been removed so it doesn’t accidentally get rung up.

Just stop by customer service first. They can weigh and mark the tare or let you know how to go about this.

Note: The more earthy/crunchy the store is the more likely they are quite used to doing this. I’ve been doing this since the mid-'80s. About the only time it is an issue is occasionally with prepared food - clerk may be fearful of health codes and refuse.

(Denise) #23

Thanks so much for the quick tip about the reusable silicone food storage bags, Dan. These look like they’re well worth a try.

(Dan) #24

I own four and they hold up really well.


I was gifted these from my mom. So far, super awesome. I have 4 in various sizes. I am labeling them and also sending them in for my daughter’s food at school too. Dishwasher safe!

(Dan) #26

That’s great! I am sure you will get good use out if them.


To learn all about wine . Inspired from watching Somm .


Irrespective of what I mentioned upstream, I have resolved to learn more about food. Thus I might be able to mix, blend and create healthier dishes. I am presently looking into some vegetarian instructional classes and hope to come away with some new angle to my present cooking habits, which as we know are hard to change. We tend to make the same thing over and over , when we serve these items to others and get great feedback.
Additionally while cleaning out a closet last week, I found a cookbook dedicated to Kosher cuisine. Will try to look at the vegetarian dishes here too.
If I accomplish say 4 or 5 great new dishes, then I say I did resolve with success.

I will keep you all posted!


My biggest food-related thought is that I muuuuust start making different meals! I’ve spent a good 18 months losing weight but damn if I’m getting bored of eating (essentially) the same stuff at home every day. Roasted veggies, roasted chicken/turkey/pork chops. Meals out of the house are always more interesting, and since I have plenty of healthy/healthy-ISH cookbooks, I want to start using them (got Ottolenghi’s Simple as a gift, ferinstance, and need to dive in to that).


Extactly what meatn3 said so succinctly here.
Depends a lot on where you shop if they’re ok with your own containers

(Andrea) #31

The usual - get more exercise & eat more vegetables.

Sigh … middle age :frowning_face:


Good to hear everyone has some goals.

For me…

Drink less beer. Granted I love beer, but we all know they are useless calories.

I want to eat more fish and catch more. I didn’t fish hard this year but it was a pretty good crabbing year. Hopefully that will change and I can get out fishing more. @jcostiones how has the flounder season been down there?

Eat less red meat. I love steak more than the next guy, but cutting down on beef has helped me lose a lot of weight. I am going to try and keep that trend going. Cutting down on beer and red meat isn’t easy for me! Lol

Make more pickles: I love pickled veggies so I want to expand. I also want to try to make kimchi for the first time :slight_smile:


Usually (when not living out of a suitcase!) i make a big pot of soup regularly alllll winter long every week or two and end up with a nice assortment of different varieties in the freezer.
It’s actually the perfect thing for the end of the week when there’s bits of veggies that need to be delt with and aren’t quite enough for a proper side dish. Also where i toss odds and ends from a bag of quinoa or the last splash of vinegar.
Really just like a recycling container on the stove :joy:


It doesn’t occur to me that there is a genre of “vegetarian cooking” until i see something like your comment here… there’s certainly a different point of view and approach.
Probably the best starting place is identifying what (incidentally) vegetarian dishes you already love, either at home or in restaurants and follow that lead. Different cultures like middle eastern, chinese, ethiopian, and indian are all full of lots of fantastic veg entree dishes that defy the classic “meat carb veg” format of many omni meals which doesn’t translate well to vegetarian meals.
Have fun!!


I would just follow Trockwood . Posting vegetarian meals for quite a while .

(Denise) #36

Your comment reminded me that I was once given a book called “Sunset Menus and Recipes for Vegetarian Cooking.” Well-intentioned, though I recall that the food on offer was very earnest and rather brown in a kind of ‘70s earthy crunchy way. The book dated from the ‘80s so I think it got stuck in a time warp. :wink:

Time has moved on and fortunately so have ideas about vegetarian and plant-centered eating. These days we’re eating things like vibrant roasted and grilled vegetable dishes, a rainbow of salads, vegetarian kibbeh, and a variety of heirloom beans for instance. Everyone can enjoy. Whew.


I was supposed to go out with my cousin’s husband in his boat in late October, prime season but it fell through. I get little time off November/December and we’ve had lots of rain and wind.

I’m looking at a 7 pound 25 inch mount on the wall caught a few Octobers ago, it’s a monster for down here but no not everything is bigger in Texas.

It’s a replica because we ate that sucker.

I caught it on a 1/2 ounce silver Johnson sprite spoon, plus at other times two 4 1/2 pounders in virtually the same spot wading Christmas Bay, one on a gold weed less spoon, the other on a purple/white plastic lure on a 1/8 jig head.

I attribute this to part skill, part flounder Gods because I released a battered flounder out of an old crab trap just feet away. I’ve also caught more than a few redfish there and speckled trout out deeper.

(Greg Caggiano) #38

After an awful few months of eating, I, like everyone else, am using the new year as a chance to recharge and tone it down. I’m going to try to make better decisions when I can. As a food blogger, it is very difficult to eat healthy because no one wants to read about a salad. But I am taking a self-imposed two month break from food writing.

Less fried, more baked and grilled.

Less white potatoes, more yams, brown rice, quinoa, couscous, basmati rice, etc.

Less salt, more spices and aromatics.

I don’t eat much red meat to begin with, but I certainly can eat more fish.

Less cocktails, more red wine. I don’t drink beer, but my bf does and he is eliminating it altogether for the next few months. Any hard liquor I have will not be mixed with a soda. So martinis and whiskey are still good! :smiley:

Doing away with a bagel in the morning. Maybe going for a yogurt instead. No more big lunches. Sticking to hummus, whole wheat pita, raw veggies.

We’ll see how long it lasts. I hesitate to call it a diet, but I need to make smarter food choices when I can for as long as I can stand it.


Not so much actual cooking lately though…! My weird transient schedule has screwed up shopping for anything parishable and limited time in the kitchen- kind of making me crazy…


So funny but because i went veg back in the Dark Days of Vegetarianism that crunchy hippie vegetarian stuff is like my comfort food :joy: but also i agree and am so glad for delicious expanding options!