2019 new year's resolutions

Does anyone have any food related ones?

I fail most of them. This year I get less ambitious.

Food wise: Stop keep wandering (with new recipes), stop procrastination. Just cook them.

Overall: Start exercising.

More high end dining!

We’re planning to do “somewhere special” roughly once a quarter. Not the high end places on our existing regular list - they’ll probably become birthday/anniversary meals (although that gets tricky as all three occasions fall within a three week period). No, these will be places where we hope to be challenged and excited by the the cuisine. This year, we have in mind:

La Gavroche, London (reservation already made for March, hotel, train ticket and parking at the train station already booked)

Core by Clare Smyth, London

The Kitchin, Edinburgh (we’re spending a week in Northumbria in June - a county that is very much a food desert but Edinburgh is only a 90 minute drive north so we’ll go for lunch.

Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottingham

We’ve been to the last two before but have long thought we need to revisit.

As for home cooking, yet again I resolve to actually use up all those little packs of leftovers that get frozen away and forgotten


Like you, both of our birthdays fall in same 3 week period in autumn and the anniversary is winter season. We have the impression eating always the same ingredients. Sometimes, we postpone to change seasons.

  1. Eat more green salads as a main meal;
  2. Eat more fresh fish;
  3. Eat more shell fish;
  4. Eat more fresh chicken;
  5. Eat more vegetables;
  6. Eat more Asian noodle dishes;
  7. Drink less Gin, drink more Bourbon;
  8. Drink more milk;
  9. Make a soup for dinner every 30 days;
  10. Put more biscuits and great breads and butter out for mealtime.

I can do this!


Curious. Why?

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I think I reached my tipping point :grin: drinking Dry Gin Martinis daily for decades.


Ah, variety. I like both, but martinis have the advantage of being hard (for me) to drink too quickly. Which is useful.


Semi food related. I am being more conscientious and working on using less plastic and reducing our waste. I am now into the habit of bringing my reusable bags when I shop. And was gifted some reusable snack bags and silicone packages which seems incredible.

Also, better meal planning to again reduce waste.


A very different resolution for 2019, last year of this decade:
I will try to eat more fat and processed sugar.
Increase my portions at every meal.
Eat a shit-ton-of-butter
Have Happy Hour at least 3 times a week.
Incorporate McDonalds and similar FF restaurants into my meals of at least 8 times per month.
Gain 30 pounds this year!
Like most of us…I never follow through, and fail early on in the process…Thank God!


I’m gin for summer and bourbon for winter!

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So I guess I still have a decade or two to keep enjoying my Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up…:sunglasses:

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I don’t really “do” resolutions, but that said there are a few high priority goals for me:

  • relook at foods i buy to avoid as many animal products as possible, I’m not and likely never will be vegan but at the same time I don’t like it when something stupid like pretzels or crackers have unnecessary animal products
  • continue with making my own kombucha and kimchi, explore additional fermented veggies, vinegars and beverages
  • like @gracieggg i can do better at reducing how much waste i produce and contribute to, i always have reusable shopping bags and use a thermal coffee mug but I’m looking to avoid purchasing things with excessive plastic packaging and buy more from bulk bins
    -branch out of my comfort zone cooking, maybe a new cusine, or returning to korean food but trying new dishes…?

I do, to eat LESS!! Holy gluttonous 2018!! I gotta cut back, on food and “other” clear liquids!!


I was thinking about this earlier and wondering how many looks I would get if I brought my own containers for the bulk items. It annoys me to have to take a bag when I move it to mason jars when I get home anyway.

That’s an interesting predicament. How do you determine the tare weight of random containers for bulk bins.

An interesting problem that could use a clever solution.

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I’ve used plain brown lunch bags at both WF and ShopRite bulk bins with no complaint at checkout. I scoop, weigh with appropriate code, stick on the sticker adhered to bag and pay. Same with the fresh dispensing pb’s, I dispense into my own plastic container over and over. I keep all this in my market bags in my car trunk and wash reuse as needed. I wish I could buy more stuff this way and in more places.


I was just assuming you could tare out whatever jar you bring on the scale first then load it up? I will ask next time I am in.

@Rooster good suggestion on the brown bags. Thanks!

Wow, if anyone has experience or tips regarding reusable silicone bags or packages I’m all ears. Every year I think I can reduce my use of plastic bags, and I improve a little, but there are some foods like fresh greens and lettuces that still make me reach for a zip-top plastic bag.

Adding at least one dinner of homemade soup or stew to our dinner time rotation is also on my list. I used to cook up a big pot every 1-2 weeks in the winter until life interrupted the flow. We’d eat a dinner’s worth then freeze the rest to build up a stockpile. A big help with our unpredictable weeknight routines.