2017 Haters Guide to the Williams-Sonoma-catalog

I feel kind of guilty posting this because a couple of days ago I ordered some really nice stuff for myself from Pottery Barn. Full disclosure, they were having a one day blowout sale … nah scratch that guilt free, still one of the other 98 %


Thanks for linking this. One of the Christmas traditions I most enjoy every year.


I am already liking your post without reading the guide. Why? Because I know it will be awesome as always.


I like this one the best. It is quite funny.

"Copy: “Aerates and filters wine as your pour. No decanting required.”

Drew says: Okay, but if no decanting is required, why is there a decanter on sale for $62.99 right above it? What kinda hustle you guys pulling? Keep in mind that they sold an aerator WITH a decanter last year, and so now I’m completely spun around. Do I aerate? Do I decant? Do I aerate and decant? Or do I hold my glass of wine up the light and swirl it majestically and cry out to the table, “THE TANNINS! I HAVE GIVEN THE TANNINS LIFE AND YOU SHALL KNEEL BEFORE ME IN THEIR GLORY!!!”? I just want some guidance."


Christmas just won’t be the same (at least for me) … sending healing positive energy to Drew

Fun read. Thanks for posting it.

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Sadly as per my most recent post here 2018 is not to be :cry:
Past years are available … so they will have to suffice

There isn’t a 2018 hate list?

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I guess no one is reading the link I posted up thread, just above Red Jim’s

sorry I tried to edit add/repost, but was too late

Damn, I was looking forward to the Haters’ Guide too. I hope it’s nothing too serious - awful when something like this happens around the holidays.

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Let’s hope he get better and we will have the 2020 Haters Guide.


I couldn’t agree more , in addition the well wishes I left up thread are really heartfelt, Drew has brought so much laughter to me over the years :slight_smile:

@Harters I think I need new glasses. I read this thing twice thinking it was your published article about Williams Sonoma!! (couldn’t figure out why someone else posted it on your behalf!! lol)

By the way, I meant we will get the 2019 Haters Guide.


I’m pretty sure this dude needs to get laid.

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Do you mean Drew Magary? Or Chem? Pretty sure not a problem in either case.

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Drew lol. Great post and fantastic read though. I like his style


He seems very occupied now to worry about getting laid.

" He is receiving the best possible care, is surrounded by his family and friends, and is doing well under the circumstances. We miss his randomly capitalized exuberant tweets and his [Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog] even more than you do, but we want to allow him the time he needs to recover without worrying about blogs, and the privacy to do so without us haranguing him. We love him and are rooting for him, and we can’t wait to announce that he’s been designated to return. Feel free to use the comments to send him good thoughts and Kirk Cousins GIFs."

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