2017 Haters Guide to the Williams-Sonoma-catalog


I feel kind of guilty posting this because a couple of days ago I ordered some really nice stuff for myself from Pottery Barn. Full disclosure, they were having a one day blowout sale … nah scratch that guilt free, still one of the other 98 %


Thanks for linking this. One of the Christmas traditions I most enjoy every year.

(For the Horde!) #3

I am already liking your post without reading the guide. Why? Because I know it will be awesome as always.

(For the Horde!) #4

I like this one the best. It is quite funny.

"Copy: “Aerates and filters wine as your pour. No decanting required.”

Drew says: Okay, but if no decanting is required, why is there a decanter on sale for $62.99 right above it? What kinda hustle you guys pulling? Keep in mind that they sold an aerator WITH a decanter last year, and so now I’m completely spun around. Do I aerate? Do I decant? Do I aerate and decant? Or do I hold my glass of wine up the light and swirl it majestically and cry out to the table, “THE TANNINS! I HAVE GIVEN THE TANNINS LIFE AND YOU SHALL KNEEL BEFORE ME IN THEIR GLORY!!!”? I just want some guidance."