2016 Hudson Valley, NYS farmers markets / farm stands

Dutchess County
From the farm stand in Red Hook across from the Hearthstone motel on US 9
asparagus 3.99 a bunch , eggs 4.99 a dozen …Jim’s prices are always reasonable
from Greig Farms daily market, a tasteless and rather expensive cream of asparagus soup
Hanaford’s heirloom tomatoes 2 for 2.40 they weren’t great but for the price they were fine
If you want to purchase asparagus directly from (Greig) farm get there early they sell out/ you have
the option to pick your own if you would rather do that
Edit: We got up there late Saturday and we missed the farmers market
gratuitous eagle pic’s…we spotted him on the way home…looks like he may be here to stay
gratuitous horse pic’s
grazing cows

I have no idea where that is but it sure is pretty! Maybe a nice day trip. What time does the market close?

Hi Gwenn! If you are still planning to visit Rhinebeck, this is just up the road apiece…

Great - thank you! Yes, as of now we are still going. But it’s during the week, so I guess the farmer’s market is out. Oh well!

Greig farm has that new daily market, which is different than the Saturday market 9-5

We took 82 to 3 to 22 home
There are so many interesting and beautiful ways to come home
willing you don’t mind a long drive

Great! I will go there. Yes, I love the scenic routes home. So much better than highway. The drive is part of the fun.

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I love driving through upstate/Hudson Valley. We visit a friend at Lake George once or twice a summer and try to always take 22, even though it’s slower than 87, just for the scenery.

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There is a cold room tucked away in the back of the store
that’s where all of the local produce is

I’m in Goldens Bridge right near 22. We take 22 when we go to Williamstown. 22 to Hillsdale then 23. Love that ride

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Sounds like a last day of the trip trip!!! Thanks.

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Chappaqua Farmers market this Saturday
Not a fruit or veg run … it was pure indulgence

Sourdough, Thompson Raisin, Walnut, Pink Peppercorn
beyond fabulous…raises the bar for raisin walnut bread. You
can taste the quality ingredients and the TLC that goes into making this
Puréed Apple, Vanilla Cream, Cardamom Streusel
I bought this for my husband but took a bite while he
was walking to the car … he never had a chance
each bite…rich, flakey, satiny, buttery, crisp, light

the everything bagel pizza
mozzarella, parmigiano, egg and that everything bagel spice

Although this looks insanely good it was missing something for me.
I am not a super taster and so it is possible I missed the subtlety of this pizza.
Also the egg was slightly overcooked :frowning:
I always add condiments to my pizza and this one was no exception. I did
appreciate that it was not overly smoky and did like the taste and texture of the
crust …I will definitely try their pizza again…just not this one
FWIW my husband who had no interest in even trying this pizza devoured it

chowdom, you do know how much we all appreciate your food porn?

It’s probably better than the real article.

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I shared that same pizza from Dough Nation at the Bronxville Farmers Market and it was delicious…

Yes I know…My husband is in agreement with you … thought so too.
BTW they don’t always show up where they
are scheduled to, they were supposed to be
in Bronxville on Saturday but were told last
minute to go to Chappaqua.

Thank you as always…

I stopped at Hilltop Hanover Farm in Yorktown on Saturday for the first time.
The farm store had an intoxicating aroma of fresh herbs.
All of the produce was gorgeous and had that crisp fresh look.
I picked up a dozen eggs just laid eggs, I like that the cartons are dated and
a few heads of cauliflower which were the size of my fist and also some broccoli.

After tasting the goods I decided that anything more than a light steam
would detract from the natural sweet deliciousness of the vegetables.
The eggs are equally good and my current favorites.
I seriously thought about keeping this place to myself…

It’s hard to go wrong in Columbia County.

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Agreed but I’m worried … the last time we drove around Columbia County there must have been a dozen farms with for sale signs on them…scary and depressing

Same thing going on here on the east end of Long Island. But if they are hooked into the New York State stewardship of tax free farms, it might just be that, someone else to take control if necessary, and not the impending “doom” of over 55 communities and golf courses.

Ugh…I had no idea you were experiencing this on the Island too
I will continue to worry but hope for the best

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