20 Dishes to Eat at the Jersey Shore

I don’t think there are any real surprises on this list, still good quick read.
(I did give the steak a big thumbs up for price and quality)


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The only comment I can make with any authority is that the Bar Room in Deal (sister of the Elbow Room in Bradley) is usually better, even though it’s the same menu. And that burger IS good. And now I want one.

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Man “the beast” looks like it has someones name on it!

WOW…you’ve got way better eye’s than I do! Well you were right!!


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Who are these Jersey Shore in Motion people? A couple places on that list are at the bottom of my list! Some at the top but find it a strange list.

pls take pity on the poor people of TST BQB- the last meat challenge establishment was literally put into the poorhouse by JR’s feat of strength…


This is how Jersey Shore in Motion describes itself, " The Premier Business Marketing Machine For Businesses Around Jersey Shore" So, that explains a lot.

Agreed. I don’t even know many of these places, and all I could think was this is like NJ Monthly—if you advertise, they promote you! I take it all with a grain…

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No offense to anyone but Kim Marie’s is not good food at all


That crab mac n cheese sounds good. Has anyone had that?

So do you get any type of t shirt or something if you tank “the beast?” Lol. I’d check Facebook but I’m like one of 4 people in this world not on it.

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Jersey Whores In Motion is kinda like the fake news of local food. They write nice things about their clients only. DO NOT believe a word of it and don’t help their marketing company by publicizing their stuff.


I’m also one of the 4!!! :sunglasses:

OUCH !!! Ok, Ok, Ok, I give !!! You are right comrade, I am the spreader of fake news, I am in fact a Russian Agent sent here to influence your local dinning views! You caught me!!



I always suspected JR stood for Jared Russian!

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I guess taking care of your “servers” takes on a whole new meaning on this board…fishy that they asked for my CC info when I signed up.

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@CurlzNJ so I went last night and found out you do indeed get a t shirt, you eat for free and you get your name on the wall of fame. So far no one has conquered the challenge.

I wonder what sizes of shirts they carry? Lol


Good lord :smiley:

Are you going to give it a shot Tom?

I forgot to tell you. March 1st, yes March 1st, the river was loaded with bunker. I’ve never seen anything like it (that early)…crazy stuff. I guess the warm February is the reason and that storm pushed them in from the ocean maybe.

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I’m being a good boy these days trying to be less of me. I’m not sure that will help :slight_smile:

Hopefully the early bunker is a good sign. I’m hoping the ocean warms up a bit so the tog might bite in April.

Let me know. I’m down to drown some crabs come the first.

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