15 foods you should never eat

I can’t believe I am not already dead by now :astonished:


I’m batting 1.000.

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Aside from the complete garbageness of that article, the link is to a slide show that lists only ten foods, not fifteen.

Two of the slides had two foods.

Suprised I remembered that, considering some of the garbage I eat :wink:

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Alarmist, exaggerated crap designed to get page clicks.


Ha, I didn’t even notice that. (Now please excuse me while I peel the plastic wrapper off my slice of cheese.)

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To be honest, I posted it because I thought it might get a few post here. So. I rekon I am as bad as the “15 foods that”…writer :blush:

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I don’t do 3,4,5, and 6 . I like my salted meats once in a while. I know I’m not going to live to be a thousand . I go on little kicks now and then of crap your not supposed to eat . :scream:

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Can’t argue with that. I’m going to start trolling the regional boards to help get some action going.

Where can I get decent Chicago style pizza in New York?

Great screen name, BTW.

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Where can I get decent Chicago style pizza in New York?

Definitely not in a thread about what you should never eat :smiley:

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Coincidentally I just posted about Chicago-style pizza on the Japan board.

They serve it at one of the craft beer bars here in Tokyo. Being a loyal New Yorker, I had never even tried it before. Is it even possible to get it in New York?

I’ve resisted clicking on that click-bait headline approximately 1,000 times in my travels on the internet, but in the spirit of Hungry Onion community solidarity, I clicked on your thread. Still didn’t click on the link though. Not interested in giving whomever it is that is behind the click-bait access to any of my info.

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Trust me, there’s is nothing new there.

Yes, Chicago-style pizza is available in NYC. Googling brings up a couple of places,notably Big Al’s.

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I knew most of the facts here, but still eating some of the listed stuff. I guess I’m just hopeless. (Processed meat, conventional apples, sometimes sodas, and unidentifed ingredients on label…)

Microwave popcorn:

1/4 C plain popcorn stirred with just enough oil to coat
Put into paper lunch bag. Fold the top over a couple of times (leave plenty of bag room) and lay the bag on the microwave floor, fold side down.

It’s 2015 so your microwave oven rotates, and that’s good. Nuke on high for 2-3 minutes (don’t walk away–things can go south fast) until the popping is about 1/second.

Dump it into a bowl (careful!) and toss with salt. You can use butter instead of oil if you like.

Also, if you don’t want to add paper lunch bags to the local landfill (they shouldn’t be reused, but could make great charcoal starter now that I think of it) there is a bowl at Walmart made for this, about $10 iirc, and is a one-time cost other than the reflective discs at the bottom that get oily and have to be replaced sometimes (if you don’t use oil, they may last forever afaik). We have one and it works fine, and plain jugs of popcorn are just damn cheap.

Sorry about that. The next time I find something on the internet and want to share it, I will make sure it is one of those completely honest sites that would never, ever, gather your information if you click on it :wink:

@61 I have and do eat them all…Blood Pressure 125 /75…mom going strong, dad passed @ 93…

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