13 vintage kitchen appliances

as featured on the MeTV (a TV network featuring retro shows, and also the wonderful Svengoolie)website:


The most amazing one to me is #12, with #7 a close second. Although I’m also loving that tiny little woman standing on the cutting board in #13.

Great stuff in the comments too - including a picture of Samantha and her Frigidaire Flair from Bewitched.


20171123_091428 Still use one of the items. Use it while camping to make drinks. Works great!

I still have #2, same color, must be from the 70’s, in perfect condition. Use it all the time.

Also have #5, in cream, presently in storage. Took up too much counter space, even though it is small.

Most of those items are silly.

I have # 3 … I had no idea what it’s use was, TY

Thanks for this! That can opener/sharpener . . .yup.

Those breakfast griddles powered a whole lot of church-centered eating. Pancakes and sour coffee kept the folks happy while we ran around out back, entirely unsupervised. :wink:

Anyone who designs a wall-mounted fridge has never stood 5’2” in high heels while attempting to slide a Pyrex baking dish of candied sweet potatoes off the top shelf. . … a rain of half-full cans of olives will really mess up your coif.

Speaking of. Friends on the vintage stove sites love love love their Nesco roasters. Anyone else?

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I like how the fridge ad says everything is at eye level, but the only thing at eye level is the bottom-most shelf!

When we were house hunting a few years ago, we actually looked at a home that had one of those retractable stoves! Needless to say, the kitchen needed a big makeover.

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‘Zactly. A time-capsule came on the market here, the kitchen entirely pink powder-coat steel w/ the overhead ‘fridge. It was both kicky and nauseating. Oh, and the Tiki Bar in the basement. . .

Been wondering if the ‘hidden kitchens’ of today will elicit that kind of head scratching. I mean the ones where everything but the sink are encased in tombs of Italian lacquer panels. (Or do those even exist outside of the mags??).

Don’t be mad at me if anyone reading this has one and loves it! Tell me how I just don’t get it. (And how you remember which museum-grade panel hides the saranwrap.)

(Re-reading this post and remembering a book about the home kitchens of famous chefs, and how very great the range of equippage and sensibilities. I should be more accepting of the varieties of human experience. But I would still need a map to find the cat food.)

I loved the idea of the slide away burners - but I also liked how the oven doors opened above it! I’ve always wondered why home ovens still have doors that open down making it so hard to lift the turkey in and out. I’m curious about the ovens on the Great British Baking Show - have you noticed that they fold down but then slide into the oven so that they aren’t in the way?!? So Cool


Love the old Flair stoves.

and the All In One Kitchen?! I’ve never seen anything like that.

My parents’ previous house had an oven like that when they first bought it in 1987. We didn’t know the door slid in until I was baking something a few months in and the door shifted. I thought I had broken the oven door, but upon closer inspection, my dad realized it was meant to slide in so it’s not blocking the kitchen walking area (it was a galley style kitchen).

It is a cute design. I wonder why this design has fated into history (at least in USA). Or maybe it really does not save much space anyway.

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