100 Best Rated Sandwiches in the World

Keep scrolling, the list goes way past 100. I didn’t see chow mein sandwiches but I didn’t scroll to the end

I am glad I’m a lady. I hate it when mustard shows up on a ham sandwich.

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Funny, I was going to reply that a lady does not have a ham sandwich without mustard.


As I get older, the only thing I like mustard on is hot dogs, and maybe a corned beef or Montreal smoked meat sandwich.

I won’t touch a turkey sandwich that has mustard on it.

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Yes, I understand. I even said that. But I don’t think of crostini or bruschetta as “sandwiches” (nor Avocado toasts).

A tuna melt is an open-faced sandwich. A Hot Brown? Yup, that’s a sandwich. TWO pieces of bread are involved. But crostini and bruschetta are little toasts with stuff on top. They’re appetizers. NOT sandwiches.


Well I’m not a barbarian! But ham, salami, hot dogs require a nice mustard.


A shout-out to the late, greatly- missed Roy’s Place in Gaithersburg, MD, that had over 200 different sandwiches on its menu.

My particular favorite was the Pocahontas…


WaPo article from 1999. I’m looking for the link where I can gift the article:


Archived menu:


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The Schmitter on a long roll is a cheesesteak with fried onions, tomato slices, grilled salami, and thin thousand island sauce on a hoagie roll. The original is on a round Kaiser roll.

Via my friend Scott.
From McNally’s Tavern Chestnut Hill


Wait – tuna melts are open-faced?? I think I’ve only ever had one once a million years ago, but I coulda sworn it was between two slices. Yummy, two!

I grew up with open-faced sammiches. It’s how we roll in ze fatherland, but I realize when stateside one slice of bread with >insert topping(s) of choice< doesn’t qualify as a “proper” sandwich :wink:

Fuck mustard on burgers. Ham or hot dogs I could see. Pork ≠ beef.

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Also a staple at the old Harry the Ks at Citizens Bank. Friends and family were fans; the sauce was little too mayo-like for me.

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A proper burger must have both mustard and ketchup. Unless of course it has bacon or a BBQ sauce.

Bruschetta in nice upscale Italian restaurants are little toasts.

Bruschetta in most other places in Canada (can’t speak for the States) are big enough to have in lieu of a sandwich. Soup and bruschetta would deliver the same amount of calories at lunch as a soup and sandwich in most family restaurants.

Could be regional. YMMV.

Pan con tomateAlso a type of open-faced sandwich, could be a meal, could be a tapas, could be a first course . https://www.seriouseats.com/pan-con-tomate-tomato-bread-spanish-recipe

To me, a sandwich can be an appetizer or a meal. It’s not the size or calorie load that determines whether it’s a sandwich or not.

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:Deep breath:

A proper burger has MAYO, and a tiny squeeze dot of ketchup on it.

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“Proper” and “mayo” do not belong in the same sentence. Talk about oxymoronic :crazy_face:


No mayo, no ketchup.

Obviously there’s some international disconnect here.


I have always remained steadfast–mayo is just a NO. I have it in my fridge, I will serve it to others, but just no for me. Now cheese . . . I guess it depends on how funky, but a good cheese always elevates the burger experience.


Now that I have a sensitivity to preservatives, I mostly just have cheese,cheese and pickles ,or cheese and sautéed mushrooms, on my burgers.

No shelf stable condiments.