10 Years on Walnut Street Tasting Menu [Philadelphia, Center City]

Fabulous tasting menu for our anniversary.

We opted for the wine pairing. That 2013 Gewürztraminer was fabulous!

Seeded sourdough, whipped butter, brown butter crumbs, fig. A surprising course to start a tasting menu.

Beet ribbons, ginger, tarragon. This was stupid.

One of the best dishes of the night: warm Parmesan custard, osetra caviar, crispy potato.

Tuna crudo, foie gras, porcini, brioche. Good.

Ginger rice, golden quail egg, black truffle jus. Kinda boring, TBH.

Beyonne ham on toast, whipped brie. Their bread is very good (they used to be known for their “toast” menu. This was very good.

Bay scallops, Meyer lemon cream, maitake. Another favorite.

Black cod, saffron & celeriac chowder. Very good.

Lamb loin, 8-hour cabbage, ancho chile caramel. Fab.

A special anniversary treat for us: rich and amazing egg nog, grapefruit/passionfruit popsicles.

Meyer lemon posset, pomegranate, almond granola. Nice and refreshing.

Another special anniversary treat we unfortunately didn’t enjoy very much. From L-R: peppermint marshmallows (no thx), WINTERGREEN truffles (why? :nauseated_face:), some type of caneles, some fruit shit, some fruitcake bites. Really did not need this.

Overall, it was a nice celebratory meal.


Happy anniversary! It all looks good to me–except I’m with you on that last course; the other two sweet courses would have been enough.

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Thank you! It’s been a pretty swell trip overall - love visiting Philly so much :star_struck:

Yeah, they have some pretty good stuff going on at this time of year.

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