$10 and below, where in NJ do you go?

What are your favorite spots? With rising costs, where do you eat on a budget?

Without thinking hard about it:

MOGO (either location), Asbury Park
Greek Spot, Ocean


I had some duck with garlic sauce at ming Ying the other day and that is a good lunch for 8 bucks. They fry that duck up nicely. @joonjoon hollar at us

I have more but let’s hear some thoughts!

Sadly, I don’t even think you can get a dog and cheese fries at windmill for under ten (that is without a soda!) Jr can confirm I believe. That’s my dog spot. I like gus’s too. @tomt help us out lol

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My favorite spot in Asbury is Bond st. I would get one of their burgers.

Other than that, just about any Mexican place is always a good time for under 10 bucks. La Sierra El Comedor in Asbury has quesadillas (different from the kind we’re used to, they’re almost like a taco with way more stuff) for like 3 bucks and 2 is a full meal. You also can’t go wrong with a torta at most places.

Seconding the Gyro at GSpot.

You can get out of Sabor for about 10 bucks if you don’t load up your plate with things that aren’t meat or the collard salad.

Windmill is the greatest affront to food affordability I’ve ever witnessed. I was so sad the last time I was there. You could always go to Costco and get a hot dog, soda, and a chicken bake for like 5 bucks. If you don’t know what a chicken bake is, run to Costco immediately and try it. It’s like if Hot Pocket finally got sober and fully realized its potential.

Also you can get a half lb cheeseburger with a salad’s worth of vegetables at All seasons for 7 bucks if you get the “regular” and not deluxe. No fries but the burger and veggies make a perfect meal.

I’m a little embarassed to share this one, but some McDonald’s gives you a buy 1 get 1 deal if you submit their survey. At least the one in Asbury does. If you’re in a pinch, you can go get a soda for a dollar, submit the survey and get two Big Macs (or whatever you want) for 5 bucks. Luckily I have a pretty steady stream of McDs coupons in my car. :smile:

Sites like localflavor and restaurant.com, and entertainment book give you some good coupons. Only buy restaurant.com coupons when they go on sale. They have discounted them up to 90% in the past.

Ghetto fried chicken places. Don’t get anything other than “chicken only.” You can get 5 pieces for like 6 bucks. I like Kennedy in Asbury, but they’re not that different from one another. I also really like KFC’s chicken little sandwiches. Pretty good for a buck fifty.

Quickchek’s 3$ Italian sub ain’t bad. There’s also a ghetto deli in Neptune on Rt 35 that does half subs for 3.50.

You can never go wrong with a burrito or a bowl from a place like Chipotle or Bubba Koos. Probably the best all-round meal 8 bucks can buy IMO.

10 bucks gets you a bowl of Pho at most places.

Also you can usually get a whole chicken at Peruvian chicken places.

Also you can get like 3-4 rolls for 10 bucks at the 1/2 price sushi places in Freehold, Fusha and Oyako Tso’s.

Tons of under 10 dollar options at Shanghai Bun. Spicy beef noodle soup is my go-to.


Oh, and if you like chicken pot pies, the one at KFC is actually really good. 5 bucks gets you a pot pie, biscuit and soda.


This is why the site works! This man knows how to work the system


I’m holding my $10 till Sunday and going to Johnny Mac’s and getting 3 Bloody Mary’s (@$3 each) AND 3 free omelettes!!! Might as well get your Sunday buzz on!!


Well, we always go as a couple, and for lunch, so these are $20 and below for lunch for two:
Shanghai Bun
Los Corrales
Park Place Diner
Thai Thai
Pho Thanh Hoai (a.k.a. Pho Da Nang)
Yellow Rose Diner

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Great topic!!
my only addition are:
2-3 empanadas at Empanada Guy, Freehold

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I stopped going to Empanada Guy once they stopped offering their homemade hot sauces which were awesome.

In Red Bank - Bombay River has some tasty and filling Express Lunch Bowls for $7.95 if you can get me away from IMG’s Al Pastor Tacos.

In Atlantic Highlands - You have your choice of sandwich or salad at The Flaky Tart for $10, as long as you resist buying anything else - GL.

In Freehold - An individual sausage pie from Frankie Fed’s is only $8.25 and far and away my pick for best cheap meal in town.

In New Brunswick - Almost everything on the menu at Noodle Gourmet on Easton Ave is under $10, and of course, there are many good and cheap Mexican restaurants, my favorite being Gaby’s Bakery.


It’s just OVER $10, but on Tuesdays, Barrio Costero in AP offers 2 tacos + a margarita for $12.


Rotisserie chicken from BJ’s or Costco, eat for a few days on 5 bucks plus tax

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Noodle gourmet! Man that place was so legendary for me, I was 18 and it was the first time I had been to a Chinese place that was actually different from all the other standard takeout places. Their lo mein was one of those life changing moments for me when I realized the food I had been eating all my life was a lie.

Lots of great amazing under 10 dollar meals in the Edison area with all the Indian/Chinese/Korean stuff they have.

@NotJrvedivici have you been there for Sunday omelettes recently? I haven’t been in quite some time but what a legendary deal that is. I personally consider it to be 2 omelettes and 2 BMs since you have to tip 2$ per round. I refrained from commenting on time of day/week deals though.

@CurlzNJ h000t p0cketttt

(In case anyone hasn’t seen this legendary hot pocket bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoycRrk55BY)


If you start counting supermarket food, you can add all sorts of meals, but I don’t think that was the idea of the question.

I’ve been sometime in the past 6-9 mos. it was still the same.

Shoprite’s clearance section has some pretty sweet deals though!

Well, due to my dietary restrictions, most “cheap” places I can’t eat at. And besides, I like to drink too much

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