$10 and below, where in NJ do you go?

Jeez Jr throws a curveball at us with the liquid lunch lol. Well played my friend!

I have to think about this more to come up with some precise locations. Hopefully we all learn a few things from this thread :slight_smile:

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The other one I thought of was the KFC $5.00 fill up. I’ve never had one but those dam commercials make me want one, or two as the budget would permit!!

I have to go see my accountant soon in Keyport and there is a kfc as you know. I might have to go…or gas up and hit Costa Verde. Votes? Lol

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Try the 5$ chicken pot pie, it’s really good!

I really never eat fast food, but just realized my dad raves about two things that fit this category:

  1. The meatball sub at Wawa (keep in mind they’re in FL, which is an Italian food wasteland)
  2. The new fish sandwich at Arby’s that they’re advertising like crazy

The meatball sub at Wawa (keep in mind they’re in FL, which is an Italian food wasteland)

My position on this is that there’s no such thing as a bad meatball sandwich. I get the 3$ one from Quickchek from time to time and it’s always a good time. Those frozen meatballs everyone uses are always pretty tasty if you ask me.


I think the Greek Spot will definitely become my go-to for that under $10 lunch. Their enormous beef/lamb gyro was $6.79 if I remember correctly. Hard to beat that for the portion size. Can even add a side of hummus or spicy feta and come in right at $10.

Though I have not been back, the infamous bowling alley Chinese restaurant does not have an item over $10 on the lunch menu and it comes with a large soup and kimchi.


A couple of places over here have $5 lunch specials, but these have always scared me more than tantalized. If the place has a bar, that $5 will go right up before you know it. Without a bar, I am always skeptical of the food quality. It is usually an early sign of a place soon to bite the dust.

When Inkanto in Hazlet went to $5 lunches with free delivery, I knew the end was nigh. And it closed shortly after.

The Cuban Cafe on Memorial and third has a lunch social for 9.95 daily, excludes the oxtails though


Bell Market is worthy and their free events often offer food bites for little or no cost while you buy a beverage and enjoy the music/exhibit.

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Ha. You are correct re Windmill being over budget… but just barely. Gus truck you can get 3 dogs with toppings and a soda.

Thanks for reminding me that I still haven’t tried it yet!! (Curlz ducks)

We were tentatively planning to go there tomorrow night for the first time since I worked there a hundred years ago. Our fave local band is playing.

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Mardi G!

I’m madly in love with that building and the vibe…let us know how it (all) is!

I haven’t been there since the ownership change… I think they used to have like a 6$ lunch special and gave you a ton of food. Their oxtail was what I always went for though, it used to be like 12$ for a giant pile of tail.


This thread could go on for a long time, and I hope it does.

I am putting in a vote for Greek eats. I love this place! For ten bucks I get two meals. The platter is enormous if you talk to the folks and politely ask them to hook you up. The people there are very friendly and the amount of food, quality and variety on a single platter is outstanding. Greek fast food…I’m all in.


I second. Esp if you go later on in evening. My stomach literally stretches finishing the gyro. Late night they have No problem filling you up. I gotta try the platter one of these days. I stopped getting fries on it bc it was just too much food.

Great place! I hope that place stays around. You really can’t beat it for value. For ten bucks I can’t think of a better deal where you can get two meals, and good ones at that. Try the platter. Just kindly ask them to hook you up. I do a little small talk and tell them I’m starving. They kindly oblige and fill my plate with more food than you can imagine. It definitely isn’t my rugged good looks :slight_smile:

Just returned from Bell Markets after shopping in Colts Neck.

BL has an advanced rez list of 2200 people for MardiG right now but was told the event was still open to walkins 2nite.

Grabbed a cofee and two pastries for $8. Excellent.

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