1 pint fresh shucked clams-clam sauce recipe?

Hi I have found a lot of recipes online for linguine with clam sauce that use whole clams or canned clams but I have a pint of fresh chopped clams

I don’t have clam juice in a bottle, white wine or lemon

I was thinking:
garlic (a lot)
olive oil
black pepper and maybe anchovy paste or canned anchovies?
sprinkled with some breadcrumbs toasted with butter
(I don’t think cheese would go with this)

also sometimes these clams have grit but I don’t want to lose the liquid would rinsing the claims and straining the liquid with a coffee filter work? I don’t want to rinse the clams if it will ruin the sauce

or would you suggest some other dish altogether?

Thanks for any suggestions! :sunny: appreciated

I like to make a creamy garlic sauce, add seafood to it and serve it over pasta. Cheese does go with it :wink:

Saute about 400 cloves of sliced garlic (or to taste) in olive oil and butter until soft. Bring the temp up and slowly pour half and half wisking constantly.Add some.fresh ground pepper and a bit of salt. (the parm will be salty) Turn down to a very slow simmer for about 3-5 mins. Turn off the heat and sprinkle shaved parm-reg and fresh chopped parsley.

Add cooked seafood
Serve over pasta with crusty bread.

Btw, rinse those clams…and rinse.them again…the clam juice that you may get from a pint of clams isnt worth the chance of ruining a wonderful meal with a bit of grit. Especially since you know that they are gritty.

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I will rinse the clams for sure

400 cloves is a typo I hope? lol :blush:

No, not really. I did say “or to taste”… I Love Garlic :wink:

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i would not rinse the clams. strain and, yes, run the clam liquor through a coffee filter.

a couple of anchovies certainly won’t hurt for adding umami that robin gets from cheese. although i am with you and don’t like cream or cheese in this application.

it will benefit from a hit of acid though. do you have any rice vinegar? a splash at the end is nice. finish with red pepper flakes and fresh parsley.


Thanks for all the help, I ended up not rinsing the clams after taking a good look at the container, they looked clean, nothing on the bottom

I simmered about 6 cloves of garlic through the press in about 1/3 c olive oil, Started with cold oil.

When I could smell the garlic I added 1 can of anchovies (with their oil) - also used some of that oil for my toasted breadcrumbs

Then I added the clams and about 2 tbps butter and some black pepper.

toasted the crumbs and put on top, it was good! Better than I though it would be, I think the butter made the difference, it didn’t taste salty at all even with the anchovies

and yes I used a small pinch of accent/msg :smirk:

I think the butter really helped the flavor imho

butter makes most things better. sounds great!

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Sounds Wonderful…

Thanks for letting us know how it turned out :wink:

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We did find a piece of shell, I should have looked them over in a bowl first, no teeth broken tho :slight_smile:

Always the best way to end a meal in my book :grin: I say this as someone who eats shellfish on a reg basis, lol.

I reccomended rinsing the clams a bunch because they were chopped. Chopped clams are always difficult to get the grit out of. Whole shucked clams are much easier to clean and are more forgiving.

Either way you shuck it, your meal sounded delicious.

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Thanks Robin, I will take your advice next time and avoid a possibe trip to the dentist.

Wish I could find whole shucked clams but no go, I could stem them open myself but they are really expensive here, the pint of chopped fresh clams was only $4.00

I can tell you are a shellfish fan by your picture :slight_smile:

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steam them open lol

Making this again tonight

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