Zingerman's "But, as Mike Tyson once famously said, Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.”

Zingerman’s “Looking to the Past to Prepare for the Future”

I like Zingerman’s, although I’ve considered it an indulgence for fo.ks who lived where shipping a particular item made sense.

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Thanks for that link, a good read.

Back in the pre/early Internet days, I used to drool over their catalog, but between their prices and living in NYC where so much “gourmet”/specialty food has always been available (and Zingermann’s prices made even the original Balducci’s seem less painful than it usually felt :wink:), I never actually got around to ordering anything from them…

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Yeah…doesn’t make sense to ship pastrami to New York. My mom took me to some great places in the `7O’s.

Zabar’s was better than Baskin Robbins to me!

I thought of shipping pastrami here to No California MANY times, but decided to learn how to make it instead. I LOVE pastrami!


One of the few times I’ve ever had pastrami shipped ever is when I had some shipped to my daughter in art school near Los Angeles for her birthday last year. Now I’m thinking about sending some to myself.


Speaking of LA, Jonathan Gold apparently said Langer’s is better.


I lived in LA for a while and I visit often. Langers makes a nice sandwich.


Thanks for the post, @shrinkrap. Zingerman’s is just down the road from us. Well, 40 miles down the road… :thinking:

No attraction to make the drive after first seeing the pricing. Decades ago. Corporate elitist arrogance is another deal killer for me.

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I wouldn’t say that about Zingermans. They use good ingredients, their products are great, and they pay their employees living wages, and have a famously collaborative culture. That’s a business worth supporting


Point taken.

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Langer’s rulz. The pastrami is excellent, but it’s the wonderful double baked bread that gives them the edge.

My friend who moved to Colorado has Langer’s shipped, lol.

P.S. I :heart: your avatar @seal. I wake up most mornings with my black cat Cleopatra draped over my shoulder.


Agreed, Zingerman’s very pricey. Ordered for 1st time this past week since I wanted to get some sale priced vinegars. While shopping, also got bucatini, oil packed tuna, and a couple other things, because Covid QT. On a whim, ordered a pound of pastrami - need to know what the good stuff tastes like! Around here it’s Boar’s Head, pretty much.

Most probably a one time shop, can’t wait to get back to hunter-gatherer mode.

Good to know about Langer’s though, just in case.

Forgot about @shrinkrap‘s pastrami. Do you ship @shrinkrap? :joy_cat:

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@Lambchop, when I get it right, I don’t even share!


Spoken by a woman after my own heart @shrinkrap :joy_cat::joy: At least I can reference your work on the Pastrami thread, and create our own - that would rock! Also need to set the bar higher than Boar’s Head, thus the Zingerman’s indulgent treat.

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Zingerman’s stuff is absurdly priced. I’ve seen certain branded products at much cheaper prices both in NYC and here in the Bay Area, not exactly affordable locales.