Zinburger in Marlboro? ...and other tidbits

First, this:

Interesting… even if a long ways away.

Second, noticed new signage in same strip mall as Dominos Pizza in Englishtown (Rt. 9 South). “Grill Point” - Mediterranean Cuisine. Inside doesn’t look anywhere close to being done, and permit is dated 12/15/2017.

Third, I think Aunt Butchies (across from Dominos) is getting ready to open. Plus I saw on Craigslist they had a recent hiring event.

Mamma Mia Focacceria on Rt. 9 South in Manalapan is now Pagillo’s. Yes, Italian again.

Speaking of Craigslist, I saw an ad seeking a chef for an Asian-fusion, Hawaiian-themed restaurant. No name, but inset map indicated this would be in Marlboro!

Interesting. Good to see some activity.

So are profit margins so low at Fridays or are they so high with wine that you would want to tear your building down? Serious question. I’ve never been to a zinburger.

Have they announced an expected opening date? I see Costco has started selling Zinburger gift cards.

I know my daughter’s school is having a fundraiser there on July 11th, so they’ll at least be open by then.

I look forward to trying a burger there. I’ve heard a lot of good things, so my expectations are rather high.

Don’t pass on the shakes if that’s your thing. They make good ones.

Opening July 9

I’ve had several Zinburger’s and I will say they are of the better of the burger joints out there. From my perspective though, it’s not a superior burger but their topping combinations seem to work very well together. I think a plain burger would be just that.

We had a late lunch at the new Marlboro Zinburger last Thursday.

ZinburgerAdd images here

We’ve never been to a Zinburger before. Huge interior space with a capacious bar area and a side patio. Attractive décor. Because it wasn’t busy, we were seated at a capacious booth.

We shared a salad and a build-your-own burger along with a side of onion rings. The chopped Farm Salad had pristine ingredients and was perfectly dressed. Regular burger patties are 7 oz. (Doubles are 3.5 each.) There are choices for the burger meat. We had a 7 oz. prime rib blended patty with cheddar cheese and braised onions. The kitchen split it for us on two plates. The burger, cooked to our medium rare specification, was juicy and very tasty. Both plates came with a dish of dipping sauce which we didn’t order. (Not sure why.) The onion rings were crunchy. Very limited desserts: two pies – chocolate and another cream pie – and a sundae. None appealed to me. Mr. RBI asked if he could have plain vanilla ice cream and received three scoops.

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. Our server Andrew was extremely pleasant and attentive.

The photo set on my Flickr is here.


Although you said you did the “build-your-own” burger, since you chose a prime rib blended patty is probably the reason it came with a side of au’jus. Just my guess of course. I notice they have a prime rib mixed burger on their regular menu @ $15. do you remember if that’s what they charged you for yours?

I’ve been to Zinburger a few times and while their burgers are “good” I was never overly impressed that they have become a must “go-to” burger joint, luckily I live with in a few miles of what I consider to be one of the best burgers in the state, The Pour House, so when I need a burger fix I can get it there.

Glad you enjoyed it.


On the charge slip, it’s listed as a “French Dip Burger” @$15.75. I don’t see the prime mixed burger you mention. There is a French Dip Burger on the menu @$15.75 with the same beef but with toppings totally different from what we chose.

We normally do our burger eating either at home or in NYC. We’re not the burger connoisseur that you are, so we’re o.k. with the Zinburger burger, and its convenient location less than 5 minutes from our house is a plus. That said, we’ve never been to The Pour House, but if you say their burger is “one of the best” in NJ, we’ll definitely check it out sometime.

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From their web site:

The French Dip*
Certified Angus Beef & Prime Rib Blended Patty, Provolone Cheese, Fried Onion Strings, Parmesan Horseradish Créme & Aus Jus - $ 15.75

This was exactly what I was referring to. Although you chose different toppings it seems the patty they gave you was this one an angus beef and prime rib blended patty.

I am far from a burger connoisseur however I do stand behind the product the Pour House and / or Barnacle Bills of Rumson puts out. They are both very highly regarded for their burgers. The Pour House is more pub / comfort food than any form of fine dining so if you go for a burger I believe you will be very pleased, everything else you need to go with a comfort food mind set. It’s not gourmet but it’s good, fresh made meals at reasonable family friendly prices.

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Just took a look at The Pour House menu. Unfortunately, a big negative for me is that they serve their burgers on a Kaiser roll.

Edited to add: That’s what the text at the bottom of the burger list says. But weirdly, in the photos, the burgers appear to be on regular or sesame seed buns.

It’s such a nice looking building you’d think they would want it to be somewhere that was visible from the road. But you can’t see it driving by on 9. In Edison they have a big cow on the side of the building facing the street.