Zinburger......Clifton NJ location

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Had a business lunch and the client had picked this as the location. My first time to this chain, apparently the “theme” is burgers and booze. Calling themselves a Wind and Burger Bar it’s the latest and greatest in the evolving sit down full service burger joints. While the client mentioned this was their first time to this location, apparently there are others located in North Jersey as well, someone in my office said they are slated to open one in the Edison area.

Long story short…I don’t get the draw of these $10-$15+ burger places. I ordered the Turkey Sloppy Joe burger no fries, (which the burgers do NOT come with) and the turkey burger was “ok”. Its my bad for not realizing the sloppy joe would be ground turkey not formed into a patty instead just piled on the bun…taste was Ok, nothing offensive, nothing great. The clients enjoyed their burgers as well, but I just don’t understand the draw of the place. Obviously I’m not a big burger guy…so this entire concept is a bit lost on me. The business seemed to be doing well…I have no idea how long they have been open. They offer “American Kobe” beef as an upgrade and I think the menu said it was a $6. upcharge for the “American Kobe” beef substitute. So that places the burgers in the $15-$20+ range. ((shrugs))

They do have a ton of different burgers from a po’ boy, which has andouilli sausage in the patty and topped with craw fish and a spicy mayo…(one client had that and liked it, although they wouldn’t cook it less than medium well)

I won’t be back…but if you are in the mood for a burger and a brew feel free to check them out.


Wind=WinE for those who get tripped up…:grin:
I used to live all of 2-3 miles from here and went once, as I thought the same thing… It was fine, but expensive for what it was. I know there’s another one at the corner of Rts 10 and 202 on Morris Plains, but over there you can drive a mile further and sit yerself down at Arthur’s!!

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I had put the wrong address in my GPS initially and wound up off Rt. 3 in a parking lot for a Hotel with a Harold’s Deli and Arthur’s Steak House in it? Is this the same Arthur’s from North Brunswick and Hoboken?


Yes it’s the same Arthur’s but it’s near the Morris Plains Zinburger, not the Clifton one… Sorry if I added to the confusion!

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There’s a Zinburger in Boca that opened a few months back. I find them underwhelming. My burger was not seasoned at all the first time I went. The second time I had the diet burger plate which was fine. Both times our office was taken by suppliers so I didn’t have to pay.

I think they are overpriced, coworkers liked their milkshakes but $20 for a burger and fries has gotten out of hand.

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A Zinburger opened in Edison a couple of months ago, we ate there one night last week. At best it is still experiencing opening pains. I also do not see the attraction. The menu sounded great, what was served was average. Portion size was very small on the fries and “large” wedge salad. Neighboring tables were also not very impressed.


I used to live near the Clifton location. Went once. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t fantastic, and it was expensive.


@NotJrvedivici What does the Solution and checkbox mean? First time I’ve seen that!

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I went once and thought the burger was really good. They also ranked very high on NJ.com’s ratings of the burger chains in NJ, with high marks for the milk shakes. But it’s more of a destination place and not somewhere I would want to drop in for a burger fix.