Zhang's Grille [Holmdel, NJ]

They have a sign out that says they have Korean BBQ, but there is no indication of that [yet] on their website. Even though they say they have Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean dishes, their lunch menu is pretty much the standard Chinese restaurant lunch menu.

And as proof they don’t have their act together, I’ll note that their name is “Zhang’s Grille” but their website is zhangsgrill.com [no final ‘e’], and the sign outside indicates “Thia & Korean BBQ” [sic].


The length of the menu on that web site is beyond absurd! They have Chinese, Sushi, and then it went on to Clam Chowder and Lobster rolls… I give up. Pictures of their food look nice on Yelp though…

Wow…I almost want to try this place now and see what this Korean BBQ is about. My guess is that it will be a wreck or surprisingly good…not by real korEan BBQ standards but by faux Korean BBQ standards.

@joonjoon this menu is so whacky that I’m actually tempted to try this place just for the korean. Hell maybe I will go tonight

You should livestream it for us HOs. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i think someone posted a review (from a blog) for this place in another thread.
The place sounded hilariously bad.
That was when it is first opened, hopefully things got better now… :wink:

We should probably combine the threads

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Lol apparently that was me! Haha

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