Zhang's Grille has bitten the dust [NJ]

(Greg Caggiano) #110

As I told Bob in a private message today, I am guilty too and in 100% agreement.


(Jeff) #111

Per the request of our esteemed moderator I will make no comment but just drop this link




Nice one Jeff.

The best steakhouse in Middletown! Did you hear that Bob? This place is calling your name.

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At least know we know who took the food pictures


(Junior) #114

Yeah yeah yeah…I’m going to be the one to take one for the team, I see it now! Maybe i’ll Bring a special guest.

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(Mr met) #115

Was this guest an 80s hair metal rocker and actor on Gilmore girls? Asking for a friend

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(Evelyn C. Leeper) #116

Actually, it says “in town”, and the town is Holmdel, which doesn’t have a lot of steakhouses.

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My mistake. I dont think holmdel has any but the chain one next to chili’s. Long horn I think is the name.


(Evelyn C. Leeper) #118

Texas Roadhouse.


(Junior) #119

I’ll tell ya what, out of all the “family friendly” steakhouses Texas Roadhouse is probably my favorite. Not a bad piece of meat.


(Jeff) #120

That’s what she said



Didnt long horn used to be there at some point?


(Jeff) #122



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(Junior) #123

Leave my wife out of this please.


(Evelyn C. Leeper) #124

Before Texas Roadhouse, it was Asahi (Japanese) and before that Macaroni Grill (for a long time). Between Asahi and TRH the building was torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

We both like TRH (I find the 6-ounce sirloin the perfect size, which tells you why I’m not big on all-you-can-eat places), but the fact that it is not open for lunch during the week is a drawback for us.

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(Junior) #125

Yes, it was Macaroni Grill for a long time. When they first opened they would place a gallon jug of their house wine on your table (table cloth topped with white paper) give you a crayon and tell you the wine was the “honor system”. You were to place a line in front of yourself for every glass you poured. I’m pretty sure I single-handedly ended that policy. That jug would be gone, and I would only have 1 line in front of me!?!?!??! How that ever happened every time I went there I will never know!!! (after about a year they stopped that but I think it was a liquor law consequence because of a-holes like me abusing it)


(Greg Caggiano) #126

I remember Macaroni Grill! And that policy.

That place was a childhood favorite. I can still smell and taste the focaccia.

The one thing I did not like was that singer they had who would wander the place with a song list hoping people would flag him down for a song and give him a tip. He was not very good and he was there FOR YEARS!

I was nostalgically upset when they closed. They were much better than Bertucci’s.

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(Jeff) #127

From a facebook post

Less than pleased, Linguine and clams was bland no garlic or parsley or salt. I had mussels in a garlic butter sauce . The mussels were not cleaned very well,still had beards attached.


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(Evelyn C. Leeper) #128

Another problem with the Macaroni Grill wine policy was that people often tend to top off partly full glasses, and how do you track that? I could see if they went by volume decreased, but that’s more complex than they wanted to do.


(Greg Caggiano) #129

There’s been a few other doozies floating around social media including one post that said they didn’t actually carry half the items listed on their menu. But the comment was vague and there was no elaboration.

I’ll stop there in keeping with @NotJrvedivici’s post, because once we get rolling here, it won’t stop.