Zhang's Grille has bitten the dust [NJ]

(Joon) #109

I think you need to issue a HOdown.

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(Greg Caggiano) #110

As I told Bob in a private message today, I am guilty too and in 100% agreement.


(Jeff) #111

Per the request of our esteemed moderator I will make no comment but just drop this link




Nice one Jeff.

The best steakhouse in Middletown! Did you hear that Bob? This place is calling your name.

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At least know we know who took the food pictures


(Junior) #114

Yeah yeah yeah…I’m going to be the one to take one for the team, I see it now! Maybe i’ll Bring a special guest.

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(Mr met) #115

Was this guest an 80s hair metal rocker and actor on Gilmore girls? Asking for a friend

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(Evelyn C. Leeper) #116

Actually, it says “in town”, and the town is Holmdel, which doesn’t have a lot of steakhouses.

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My mistake. I dont think holmdel has any but the chain one next to chili’s. Long horn I think is the name.


(Evelyn C. Leeper) #118

Texas Roadhouse.


(Junior) #119

I’ll tell ya what, out of all the “family friendly” steakhouses Texas Roadhouse is probably my favorite. Not a bad piece of meat.


(Jeff) #120

That’s what she said



Didnt long horn used to be there at some point?


(Jeff) #122



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(Junior) #123

Leave my wife out of this please.


(Evelyn C. Leeper) #124

Before Texas Roadhouse, it was Asahi (Japanese) and before that Macaroni Grill (for a long time). Between Asahi and TRH the building was torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

We both like TRH (I find the 6-ounce sirloin the perfect size, which tells you why I’m not big on all-you-can-eat places), but the fact that it is not open for lunch during the week is a drawback for us.

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(Junior) #125

Yes, it was Macaroni Grill for a long time. When they first opened they would place a gallon jug of their house wine on your table (table cloth topped with white paper) give you a crayon and tell you the wine was the “honor system”. You were to place a line in front of yourself for every glass you poured. I’m pretty sure I single-handedly ended that policy. That jug would be gone, and I would only have 1 line in front of me!?!?!??! How that ever happened every time I went there I will never know!!! (after about a year they stopped that but I think it was a liquor law consequence because of a-holes like me abusing it)


(Greg Caggiano) #126

I remember Macaroni Grill! And that policy.

That place was a childhood favorite. I can still smell and taste the focaccia.

The one thing I did not like was that singer they had who would wander the place with a song list hoping people would flag him down for a song and give him a tip. He was not very good and he was there FOR YEARS!

I was nostalgically upset when they closed. They were much better than Bertucci’s.

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(Jeff) #127

From a facebook post

Less than pleased, Linguine and clams was bland no garlic or parsley or salt. I had mussels in a garlic butter sauce . The mussels were not cleaned very well,still had beards attached.


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(Evelyn C. Leeper) #128

Another problem with the Macaroni Grill wine policy was that people often tend to top off partly full glasses, and how do you track that? I could see if they went by volume decreased, but that’s more complex than they wanted to do.