Zao Men Kan, Steeles & Woodbine, Markham “ - In search of some great tasting Northern Chinese BBQ skewered meat? Look no further! This great, surprising find will astound you!

The off-the-beaten-path open-air strip plaza, located directly across from J-Town, houses some interesting and fine eateries. San San Cafe, La Petite Colline Bakery, J-San Sushi….to name a few. Nestled amongst them, I have walked past Zao Men Kan a number of times, its funky and bright neon signage caught my eyes and curiosity every time.

Tonight, I decided to gather up the gang and give this place a try. And what a huge and pleasant surprise our visit turns out to be! Coupled with some really well executed and delicious food, the funky and psychedelic neon light decoration plus lively vibe of this eatery provides a great venue and backdrop for someone to spend a couple of enjoyable hours with friends and family on a chilly weekend evening!

From the huge and varied menu, some of the skewered items we ordered included the following: Tofu, chicken skin, shrimp, lamb, chicken cartilage, fatty beef, normal beef, beef tendons, squid tentacles, Orleans chicken wings, chicken hearts ……etc. Other cooked dishes included char-grilled Chives, Sauteed Cabbages, Fried Potato Nuggets, Stirred fry Shredded Potatoes and Spicy Clams. BTW, to cater for ‘The Brave’ there are also some really ‘ cool ‘ and challenging offerings like………lamb testicles and brains!!!

Every one of the above captioned dishes we ordered were wonderfully delicious……the result of some well executed seasoning and perfectly timed cooking. The degree of spice level, close to perfection. Supporting side dishes were no slouch either. In fact, the fried potato and lotus root dishes were some of the best tasting renditions of these humble root vegetables I have come across! So addictively good!

If you are in the mood for some uber-delicious, savory and smokey finger food paired with some nice ice cold beer, this is the perfect destination for you and company.

BTW, the place was packed by 6.45 pm!! So, reservation is highly recommended!