Zaika BBQ and grill (Edison nj)

A coworker just moved right near this place and told me about it. Has anyone been? @goodparmesan @BossaNova @joonjoon @seal

They do have a mixed grill platter that is enticing me.

Their webite isn’t great, at least not on my phone. See Google reviews and yelp.

They’re on my list to try. I noticed them when they were located next to the Coffee House in Edison. They recently they moved to the bigger location, for more formal sit-down service and to offer buffets.

They do a lunch buffet, but I believe their kebobs and tandoori chicken are the speciality there and look pretty good.

Their prices aren’t bad either for the ala carte menu. I’m interested in a few dishes like the haleem, the nihari, plus they even have brain masala on the menu.

Hopefully you enjoy it. I don’t get out there much but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at a true Paki restaurant. I wish I was closer

Sorry @corvette_johnny, I haven’t been yet. This thread reminds me that I need to go eat in Edison soon


Correction, no lunch buffet. Only dinner buffet on fri sat and sun.

Went today, got beef haleem w lacha paratha, was very very good.

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Is this the place in Tano Mall? I noticed it a while back and was wondering what it was all about. @seal or CJ I’m in the area fairly frequently for business, I’m game to give this place a try some time.

Yes it is. I went back again recently to try the paya (stewed goat’s feet). Not bad… I think I’ll probably stick with the curries or the mixed grill and breads.

They have a few combo platter options, too, for either curries or mixed grills.

The peshawar kawa, green tea with cardamom is also a nice touch to end the meal.

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I would like to try this spot but it would have to be a weekend adventure for me. The mixed grill is calling our name :wink:


No pics? Lol. I always enjoy checking out your food adventures. Do they cook meat over charcoal here?

Haha I only got shots of the tea and a naan. The kabobs are done in the tandoor, chapli kabobs over flat top, not sure if the lamb chops and others are over charcoal or not.

![image|525x700](upload://4XeaJBbKgZPcD6BVp12YAAXNZFJ.jpeg) ![image|700x525](upload://1DfITFjBMQzQNI6JmI0fIL9EaUP.jpeg)

What is cost for dinner buffet on weekends? Website doesn’t mention buffet. Any details of the buffet from your experience?

I’m not even totally sure if they do the buffet every weekend. May have to call to confirm.

To my knowledge, it costs $20, and occurs on Fri/Sat/Sun nights. I was there on Sunday night, there was a buffet, but everyone in the restaurant was ordering off the menu, so I followed suit.


I came back once more to finally try the mixed chicken grill. The best on the plate was the sikh kabobs (ground chicken into a kabob with spices) also included was chicken in a mint/coriando (haryali), tikki boti (yogurt, ginger, garlic, red chili, etc), and bihari chicken (normally heavier on the ginger/cumin side).

Overall it was good, but I probably would take it or leave it.