Zaftigs, Natick

First time trying Zaftig’s for breakfast. The portions are generous, we felt very fair ly priced. Went on a Monday morning to avoid the weekend crowd. Ordered the stuffed with bananas french toast, large 3 portion potato pancakes, and surprisingly good coffee. Casual Jewish deli setting, locale artist decorating the walls. Most of the menu is a la carte and we will def be back.

The only comments I noted on HO about Zeftig’s was regarding their patty melts being disappointing.



I had no clue they where in Natick! Reuben here I come.

Haven’t been there for years. so it may be quite different now, but we have eaten at Zaftig’s a number of times. I can’t say I ever enjoyed anything there.

bcc, I did read a handful of customer reviews on the place beforehand and my decision to try it was based on knowing there wouldn’t be a crowd on. a Monday and reading good things about what we ordered but yes, negative reviews appeared as well. I’m looking forward to trying an opened face sandwich next time. Also, I enjoy places that have one menu running all day.

I certainly have no objection if you enjoyed it. And it may have changed. But I, for one, would not go back. Problem is, there isn’t much in the area that is good.

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Really? Comella’s, Bill’s, Dates&Olives, Dah-Mee, the town farmer’s market, Bacon Street grocer,

Hey, Rooster, thanks for reminding me about Dates and Olives. I’ve been meaning to give them a try. And, I don’t remember hearing about Bacon St. Farm before. They sound fun and worth checking out.

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As I said, it’s been years since we were there. I don’t know any of the places you mentioned. We used to like a place in Wayland called McKay’s, but these days the location is occupied by a place called 110 Grill.

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I had the fish and chips at 110 Grill once. While the restaurant was comfortable, I found the menu kind of boring and my meal wasn’t all that. But, I kept trying other restaurants in the area and found the others I mentioned enjoyable. Comella’s eggplant parm and pesto pizza are delicious. I really like the Sunday gravy there. Bill’s makes pizza too but it’s the sandwiches that I enjoy. Dates&Olives has several build your own platters. The hummus is decent but their side salads are really tasty. Decent falafel there. DahMee has a tasty take on ginger chicken. On the weekend downtown Natick has a farmers market in the center of town and two ladies sell fresh popovers that are super. The Bacon St grocers sells a large cinnamon bread loaf that once heated magically turns into french toast without the work. I usually take some back to NJ.

As small a town as Natick is, and many of the stores close up so early, I managed to find a few places that make fine food with many more to give a try.


If we get back to Natick, we’ll give Bill’s sandwiches a try. Nowadays, when we’re in the area, we spend most of our time at the Chinese restaurants in Malden.

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More details please.

All my knowledge of the Chinese scene in Malden comes from Hungry Onion’s Boston board. Much of it was provided by passing_thru, who has apparently left the site. Temporarily, we hope.
So far we’ve been to District Kitchen, Go Chi, and Yong Yong, all of which we liked a lot. Particularly Yong Yong. We’ve also been to Golden Garden, which was, we thought, not at the level of the others. We’re still planning to eat at Mandarin, Ming’s Seafood, and Sun Kong.
We also like Chilli Garden (only the Sichuan side of the menu) and Moulton’s Seafood (non-Chinese) in neighboring Medford.
And, of course, Five Spices House and Gene’s Chinese Flatbread in Boston’s Chinatown.

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Useful to know. 110 Grill is a local restaurant group, with locations in a number of towns. The menu has never seemed all that appealing to me, so I have never been motivated to try it.

Somewhat related: Then the 110 Grill Group recently acquired another mini-chain called Evviva Cucina that we did appreciate. They rebranded as Evviva Trattoria and dumbed down the food—for example, a potato (patata) pizza that formerly came finished with just the right amount of crema was glopped with what seemed to be ranch dressing after the transition. Ugh. We were served this misfortune of a pizza at their location in Westford, MA. It’s really a letdown as the towns where the group’s restaurants are located aren’t usually heavy on dining choices. Not a fan.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will do more reading up!

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I’ve never been a big fan of chains. Nothing worse than disappointing changes to a place you favored though.

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Closer to you in Framingham is Sichuan Gourmet. That is is a mini-chain liked by fans of spicy food. My husband enjoys the location closer to his office.

And another maybe not-so-far choice suggested by smart posters elsewhere on this board is Dumpling Daughter in Weston: Restaurants I go back to. Dumpling Daughter Weston MA

Perhaps close enough for a little excursion.


I really like the Dim Sum at Yong Yong and you order from a menu.

Any recommendations regarding Mandarin, Ming’s Seafood, and Sun Kong?

Sorry to report, we returned the other day and both of us wound up with bad food reactions a few hours later. We tossed the takeout and leftovers and probably won’t be back because of it.


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