Z and Z Manoush in Rockville

On the recommendation of Flem Snopes, I went to Z and Z which has a limited menu of middle eastern flatbreads. I chose the Toum Raider which is with za’atar and garlic aioli.

This is another WOW moment for area food. This is what za’atar is all bout, a thick, black spread of spices and sesame seeds. it cooks quickly and almost comes under the heading of fast food. This tiny operation is cranking them out beautifully.

One word of warning: the garlic aioli on top is very powerful. Even for a garlic lover like me, I’d be tempted to ask for it on the side or have them go ‘easy on the aioli.’ They also make a classic without the aioli. Next time I will probably try a version with meat.

I also got a mean version of tea called Aman Fog, with cinnamon and cardamom and milk. It was dreamy. I will definitely get that again.