" YUTAKA RAMEN, AURORA " - An outstanding Japanese Ramen and Japanese street-food joint located OUTSIDE of Toronto!

This is a special and unique eatery serving delightful and tasty Japanese Ramen and cooked food located in…of all places…Aurora!!

With everything made ‘in-house’ from Ramen noodles using special imported machine from Japan, to spicy sesame oil to black garlic oil. Their signature broth for the Ramen comes in either thick or clear versions and was ‘chicken base’. As such, a tasty, well executed and generous chicken thigh Yakitori skewer also comes with every bowl of Ramen ordered!..a nice touch!

The broth was subtle, creamy and rich. Noodles were chewy with the right thickness and consistency. The molten centred eggs were delicious and perfectly cooked, but one has to pay an extra $2.50 for them! Pork belly char-siu was flavourful and tender, but IMO, over-priced for the two thin slices offered. The black garlic oil was acceptable but less complex than a few downtown establishments like Ramen-Isshin, hence not worth the $1.50 extra.

Special mention has to go to the Dan-Dan noodle which was hands down one of the best rendition in town! The creamy but not overly powering and thick broth was well seasoned and harmonious with a slight sweetness overtone. Both spice level and the peanut butter component were spot-on! Indeed a delightful, hearty and gratifying bowl of noodles!

We also ordered some wonderful and value-for-money sides. The Fried seafood platter composing of one whole soft-shell crab, three ultra-crispy perfectly cooked and grease-less tiger prawns together with three equally grease-less and crispy oysters were a bargain at only $18.50! The tofu dish was most enjoyable to eat…light, wonderfully dressed and delicate!

With such high-quality and authentic tasting Japanese food, no wonder the place was packed 15 minutes after opening!!

Highly recommended though some might find the food a touch pricey.