Yunaghi Toronto

Visited this place tonight - the food was exceptionally good. Incredible value for the money, although not traditional Kaiseki. It was much better value than Hashimoto, and I’d not hesititate to return. We went with the extending tasting menu, and were not dissapointed. Service was good, but each server had a very thick accent. Took away from the dishes a bit, and I did not know often what I was eating. I did eat some cured/raw chicken for the first time however, and found it interesting. Lots of standouts on the tasting menu. Flavour profiles had depth, seasoning was spot on, and everything was cooked/served perfectly. would not hesitate to recommend it.

Cured raw chicken? Say what?! Was it similar to the texture of a gravlax? What was the flavour like? Thanks for the post as the pictures look quite interesting.

The “raw” - cured chicken is the roll beside the salmon nigiri in the pictures above. The texture was quite interesting. It was a very “stringy” texture, with a bit of resistance, but tender at the same time. Not chewy, but a bit resistant. hard to describe, but certainly the texture was very interesting.

There were only 5 tables while we were there - the food is exceptionally good, and the only explanation for the lack of clientele must be that few know about it.