"Yu_Seafood, Richmond Hill “ - Acceptable, decent quality Dim Sum amongst the myriad of choices along the Hwy#7 stretch.

This is a continuation of my quest to update some of my favourite and popular Dim Sum places in the GTA……post Covid re-opening.

At the request of a visiting foodie friend and family from overseas. For our mini-luncheon chowmeet, we decided to see what Toronto has to offer in terms of higher end Dim-Sum offerings. For this, I selected Yu_Seafood ( no relations ) as our venue. This decision was based on my previous experiences and recommendations from friends and relatives who recently frequented this place.

We were fortunate to get assigned a secluded and quiet corner table at one of the smaller inner rooms. Upon seating, our server informed us that, for Dim Sum luncheons, there will be a limited time slot allocation of ‘ one hour and a half ‘ per party!..Wow! Looks like things are indeed getting back to normal?!

Saving room for our extensive tasting menu dinner at ‘FRILU’ later that evening, we took a relatively easy and conservative approach in ordering our DS dishes…but Man! Were we wrong!

Our party of 3 ordered the following:

  • ‘Best Buns under the sky’ aka freshly baked BBQ pork pineapple buns
  • ‘Har Gow’ shrimp dumplings
  • ‘Harm-Shui-Gok‘ - Fried chewy, savoury, stuffed doughnut
  • ‘ BBQ pork puffs
  • House special mini-curry chicken pie
  • Steamed cilantro and seafood dumplings
  • Steamed rice roll/crepe - Cheung-Fun with BBQ pork
  • Deluxe Spring Rolls

For the observant in you, one glance at our carbs-heavy menu and it’s easy to see that we have way over ordered!..which fortunately became perfect snacks to bring home to my friend’s daughters after school!

Overall, offerings were nicely crafted and superior to most Dim Sum places in the GTA. Fillings were tasty and fairly generous. Average to high standard across the board but nothing too stand-out.

Service lacked attentiveness. Ambience and the refined decor are amongst the best in the GTA for a Chinese restaurant.

Thankfully, experience and food standards beat out ‘The One Fusion’ disaster a few weeks ago.

I was so glad and grateful that my friend did not make comparisons to those Michelin star standard Dim sum he used to enjoy in Hong kong! Pheeeewwww!!


Thanks for sharing Charles. With crown princess closing there are hardly any decent dim sum spots left (Lai wah Heen is good moon palace takeout didn’t fare well with friend’s family). With Yu seafood opening up a spot in Yorkdale that might be worth a quick trip (yes yes it’s possible with ttc subway). Have been meaning to try them out sooner rather than later

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Heard, because of the ’ Yorkdale’ location, the menu pricing is more expensive?!

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I picked up take-out dim sum at Pearl Harbourfront today and it was excellent. Better than my pre-pandemic dim sum at Pearl’s other locations (Bayview Village and the now-closed location across from the Princessof Wales theatre).

Especially good sticky rice in lotus leaf. I also ordered char siu bao, ham su gok, steamed shrimp spinach dumplings , shrimp paste in tofu skin and fried pork shrimp dumplings. The 6 dishes I ordered came to $56 before tax and tip.

I can’t compare to Yu Seafood or anywhere on Hwy 7 , since I’ve only been to Rol San and Pearl over the last 2 years. I don’t think I’ve had dim sum in Markham or RH since 2015.

I liked this meal better than my last order at Dynasty in 2019.