youtube recommendations

My favourite cooking channel on YouTube.

High quality professional level video production
Quick & easy recipes
Made by a real genuine professional French chef living in Australia

Recipe30 - by Joel Mielle

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Another YouTube channel I like is with a guy cooking mostly Asian vegan based dishes in his Ballarini carbon steel frying pan and not in a wok.

I’m not vegan by any means, but still enjoy many of his recipes.

He’s an amateur chef and do advertise a lot for his own cookbooks, but the quality of his videos and the simplicity of his Asian inspired recipes makes me watch many of his recipe videos and I’ve learned a lot from them.

Yeung Man Cooking

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Another favourite recipe channel on YouTube is with half French half Italian pro chef living in the US.
He really takes you through many techniques and recipes in his recipe videos.

I’ve learned a good deal from this professional chef.

He’s a very honest no-BS kind of guy.

Chef Jean-Pierre

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Another recipe YouTube channel I enjoy is with a guy from London with Chinese roots.
I’ve learned a ton of Asian cooking techniques from him.

School of Wok

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This Italian grandfather living in the US is a gem.
He takes you through many mostly Italian inspired dishes.
His son is doing all the filming.

I’ve also learned a lot of cooking techniques from this guy. He’s a retired professional chef.

Chin chin !

Orsara Recipes

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Here a Turkish lady with many great Turkish recipes.
She takes you through everything step by step and with a smile.

I’ve learned many Turkish recipes from watching her videos on YouTube.

Refika’s kitchen

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I also like this recipe channel quite a bit.

He’s a professional trained chef doing lots of different recipes and using many different cooking techniques.

Chef Billy Parisi

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This is another favourite of mine:

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Well, Sutan and Moe went to a nice store to get a kitchen knife. The manager/host was very professional and knowledge. One thing I wasn’t too impressed with stores like Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table is that… the products are good products, but most of the staffs there usually have a hard time accurately explain them to customers.

Shopping | Japanese Kitchenware | VLOG - YouTube

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How strange–I would swear that I hads thanked you folk already, but–THANKS! Lots of great ideas. I have subscribed to a number of them and will check them all out.


These videos of a smiling Turkish chef pop up on now and then. He prepares huge amounts of food that he gives away to the needy.

(it’s funny, I didn’t remember his name, but searching YouTube for “Smiling Turkish Chef” brought him right up)

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Any Kent Rollins fans out there. Got great ideas. Plus, he’s a cowboy; and not the movie kind. Never had a Oklahoma onion burger, 'til he showed me the way.

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I subscribe to him but he’s a bit too much like my Texas cousins :wink: