Youtube ads ruining my favorite food vlogs

I only check-in every couple of weeks to food video channels I like. And it may have been a month or more for some. But MANY now are ruined by 3 - 9 minutes of full length (unrelated to food) product ads that cannot be skipped before the actual video can be viewed.

Anyone have a work around beyond paying for Youtube service ? Feeling old, cranky and slightly stupid for a) not knowing how to get by these and b) sitting thru ads to watch other people cook.


Isn’t that how the content creators get compensated for their efforts


I mute the adds. The content creator still gets paid and I don’t have to listen to some of the drivel that passes as commercials, now. (especially the new political adds – horrible!!) As soon, as I’m given the option to skip, I do!!

But yes, youtube adds (on everything) have gotten longer, much longer.

The creator can decide whether or not to add a “mid-roll” add and how many. They get more money, the more adds you “watch”.

Glen of “Glen and Friends cooking” used to not put mid-roll adds in his videos, but it appears things have changed.

I have been watching “Atomic Shrimp”, he does not put mid-roll adds in his video(s) [yet]. He has a few interesting cooking videos and budget cooking videos. I’ve found his “Budget Challenges” somewhat entertaining.


Wow. I’ve never run into any that long. I think 30 seconds at most, and most of them are skippable within 15 seconds (but then may have a second, 5-second ad following).

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At the risk of of starting an ethics debate:

If you are watching YouTube in a browser on a computer, there are a number of andblocking extensions and adding that can greatly reduce the problem.

uBlock Origin is a well regarded one, and I use it on my computer, along with Ghostscript, a tracker/ad blocker.

YouTube is currently engaged in a serious arms race with these extensions. They’ll manage to block them from working for a bit. The developers work around the workaround. Repeat ad infinitum.

I should mention that when I watch YouTube for fun, it’s usually through my Roku on my TV, which does NOT do ad blocking. So my most frequently watched content creators ARE getting paid.

The other, much more involved solution is to set up a ‘Pi-Hole’ on your personal home network. This involves getting a Raspberry Pi mini computer and setting it up as a front end off your router, where it simply throws away any ad-linked traffic before you see it. This can eliminate ALL the ads, even on things like Rokus and mobile devices. I’ve never done it. I know folks that have. It requires fiddling. How much of your effort it’s worth to avoid the ads is your personal call.


Yes CCE, that was always my experience until just recently. I’m fine with “paying” for the content/service via one 30-sec. ad. Something changed big-time within the past month or so. Perhaps Youtube changed the default and not all content posters have revised their own posting parameters?

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The Web Browser ***Brave ***blocks YT ads. I just had occasion to use it this past week. I almost always don’t have the patience for a 15 second ad so will usually just not bother with watching at all… but once in a while a worthy vid appears. So a vid came up, had the 15 sec. Stopped, decided I could put up w/ it, went back AND NOW IT’S a MINUTE & 30 SECONDS AD??? And another one for 2 MINUTES & 40 SECONDS? (are they on drugs or what?) So went off to see what I could find to ignore YT ADs with. ***Brave ***worked. Brave will not become my default browser but I’ll keep it around. I suspect that YT may have hired and/or been corrupted by Broadcast Executives. Last I knew TV was up to 12 minutes of ads per hour.

Note, I think advertising is great when its does the job it’s designed for but when one’s reaction is “Screw That!” I’m taking my eyeballs, attention, & wallet elsewhere it’s a bigtime fail.

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I think it’s how YouTube pays its own bills / makes money / can afford to offer the service. I highly doubt much of the revenue trickles down to content creators.

Try the browser extension “UBlock Origin”. It seems to do the trick for the moment on YouTube.

Whether the money makes it to the creators is a source of some contention. For the larger channels, it often does. However, reportedly the algorithm is juiced in a way to leave out smaller channels. The algorithm also notices if you play all the way through to the end or leave. If you leave before it kicks over to the next video, the channel does not get credit for the view and they don’t get paid. So, if you like a smaller channel, try to make sure you watch all the way until the end so they get paid!


None of these extensions work on the actual YouTube app, do they?
Are the ads using my algorithm or the video’s?
I’m more confused than ever because I mainly watch music videos and it seems like the more obscure the artist, the less interruptions but not always.
I’m in the dark.

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I haven’t tried it with a phone app! A lot of the mobile versions of browsers don’t have all the same extensions available though. I also don’t think there are extensions available for the tv streaming app on Roku/GoogleTV, unfortunately. This will work with both Firefox and Chrome on a PC though.


Have you tried Pluto TV for music videos?? They have a nice selection of music channels.

Personally, I like the 80’s station… YMMV

Tune-in isn’t bad, either (for commercials) Again, I have an 80’s channel in my favorites for that on my ROKU.

You should just pay.

Or watch the ads.

It’s only fair to the content creators.


No, blocker extensions like uBlock Origin and others discussed are for browsers, like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc for general purpose computers, running OSX, Windows, or some flavor of Linux.

They will not work (easily) on locked down operating systems like mobile (iOS, Android) or device- specific apps (Roku, Chromcast) or other locked down environments (Chromium for Chromebooks).

The Algorithm ™ works in mysterious and constantly evolving ways. I have also heard it can be quite biased against the smaller channels and tends to keep to little
guy down until they cross some magical popularity threshold. But, according to Adam Ragusea (a food (and food adjacent blogger) broke down his income stream a while back. YouTube ads themselves are a relatively small chunk of his income. His $$ comes from in-program ads where he himself is reading copy and such “Hey this video was brought to you by Squarespace / Made-In / Casper Mattress”.

Other creators have more or less abandoned YouTube as a primary income source. For them it’s Patreon, and/or joining creator focused subscription networks like Nebula. It’s vital as a promotional tool. It’s where they generate new patrons/subscribers. But the YouTube ads themselves aren’t really making any but the biggest of the big names “don’t quit your day job” money.


See discussion points from others and me, above

I’ve read those.

And to your supposition, the ad revenue does indeed trickle down to content creators.

Not all of it, of course, but enough that it makes a difference to those content creators.


Ads in videos. Ads in the streaming services that I pay a not-inconsequential amount of money to watch and listen to. Ads in my email.

We are no longer an audience, we now nothing more than demographics and eyeballs.


Yes, but you have the choice to pay a bit more for an ad-free experience. It’s just that you chose not to, which is ok, but don’t blame the streaming platforms for the ads.

And how is this different how from when it was when we were all watching terrestrial television or over-the-air television (OTA) where every show had ads, all the time, and we had no choice but to watch those ads (at least during live broadcasts).

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I’m not against the ads, rather the randomness is what is irritating.
My free with ads Spotify plays ads before or after for the most part. That’s acceptable to me.
On YT they can show up anywhere.

And when they show up, can you not just hit the “Skip Ads” button.


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