You're eating it wrong For anyone who hasn’t yet run across Dan Pashman’s media exploration of eating techniques, there are some good ideas here for maximizing deliciousness. For example, plate your grilled cheese by slicing the sandwich diagonally, then standing the halves on the cut side. That way, air circulation and, therefore, crispness, are maintained. I also like his idea of, rather than balls or patties, cooking falafel in the wafflemaker: “fawafel”!


Yes, I figured out I needed to do this making piles of grilled toast for bruschette or crostini, or even plain garlic toast. I rather enjoy balancing the toasted slices against each other as they come off the grill. It’s a game!

Another trick is to not serve a toasted sandwich directly on a plate, but to put a small bowl on the plate and serve the sandwich on the top of the bowl.

I clicked on your link and didn’t see what you were talking about.

My examples were things I’ve heard him say during radio interviews promoting his podcast and TV show.

why are replies showing up in duplicate?

When I did that, all of the cheese slithered down and pooled on the plate. Now I use a cake rack and the cheese stays IN the sandwich.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr