Your worst NJ sub $20 lunch

I had an awful lunch at Osteria Pizza & Parm today. I started with a slice of a ready Grandma pie. It was mediocre, but warm and fresh and I was really hungry so I ate it quickly. Unfortunately this forgettable slice was the best part of my meal. I made the mistake of ordering an Italian Roast Beef with Mozz and Gravy sandwich. Here it is:

The waitress throws it down, knocking my bottle of water over and spilling the gravy. She leaves without a word. I left the gravy on the table for the pic.

This was basically a skimpy amount of old dry roast beef on a decent roll covered by a thin strip of flavorless mozz. Full disclaimer - this next part is conjecture.I think the gravy was incorrectly thinned down Sysco condensed gravy. I’m surprised it didn’t eat through the table with all that sodium.

Including everything, this was the worst $15 lunch ever.


They didn’t even “trick” up the roll to make it more attractive.

My experience, Arby’s does better, cheaper.

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That’s the worst. You saved me a trip.

Any chance you spoke to the staff about your lousy service?


You should have went to Roy rogers!

I need to get a roast beef sandwich from there soon. It’s been many many years.

Sadly the one in Edison closed, back to Bayville for the nearest one I think.

@seal that is really a pretty pathetic sandwich. I would send that pic to them it’s truly pathetic. FYI they have a “feedback” section on their web site.

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