Your weekly dinner out

Here in Central Texas, a lot of us go out Sunday night for Tex-Mex. We always go to La Posada. I usually get a puffy taco with beef, an enchilada verde with chicken, and a Corona light. How about you? Do you have a weekly outing? Does it repeat or vary?


Growing up, Chinese food on Sunday nights.



We have a list of around 15 places that we visit with some regularity. Unless, one week, we have a particularly strong desire for, say, vegetarian Gujarati food then we tend to go to places in the order they are on the list. And, yes, I know that’s anal.

Three of them are upmarket restaurants which require reservations made some considerable time in advance. For example, one will open its reservations, at 10.00 on 1 July, for October. By 10.15, all tables for the month will have been sold. We’ll probably only visit them once a year, leaving the other 12 more casual places to be viisted once a quarter or thereabouts.

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I get takeout around once every 7 to 9 days.

We get fish and chips, including fried shellfish, once a month, on a Friday.

Pizza once a month.

I alternate the other cuisines :

Upscale Continental / Farm to Table / Anglo food once every 2 or 3 months,

Mediterranean (Greek or Lebanese) every 2 months,

Indian maybe once every 6 months,

Chinese once every 3 months,

fried chicken once every 2 months,

Vietnamese once every 3 months,

Thai once every 3 months.

I try a new takeout food or cuisine once every couple months. Most recently Danish!


I get takeout brunch of omelettes,
Huevos Rancheros, and/or Eggs Benedict every 2 months.

We used to go out with two other couples for Tex-Mex on Thursday nights. Don’t know how it ended up to be those nights but always had a great time. We’d have buckets of Corona at the table and we were loud… but everyone was haha. Those were very good times and some of the best memories.

~Ten years ago I’d eat out every meal every day. Not so much anymore though.

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