Your fridge contents can find you a soul mate!


Yep. A new app that utilizes the computer connected interior camera some new refrigerators have. Could be interesting to see the difference between those suggested after you just hit the farmers market vs biology experiments gone bad after you’ve had the flu for a week!


Yep , bottom vegetable drawer . Full of coors light . She loves it .

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Preferably not a talker and I hope s/he likes cheese and beer!


Looking at the Samsung site I was a little surprised to see that their sample refrigerdater was “Penny, 30” from Helsingborg, Sweden. Well, why not, I guess, but still.

If you separate this out from the whole smart-fridge thing, it’s not a bad idea since I certainly sized up my dates back when I was dating by looking at their kitchens, same as their books and music collections. People on dating apps could use a picture of their fridge contents/kitchen as one of their profile pics. It really would tell a potential date more about who they are.


Food is important to me. Someone who took no joy in food would not make me happy. I can work around many diets of choice as long as they aren’t judgemental about it. But I would prefer a partner who is adventurous and eats from a wide variety of foods/cuisines.

I could see a photo of fridge contents being informative. I would not want a continuous feed of what goes on in there!

I can just see - “The gallon of chocolate ice cream she bought yesterday is GONE! It was still there at 2 a.m.” or the champagne kept chilled just in case becomes “uh-oh, she sure looks high maintenance”.


Oh hell no. Yikes.


I have a 6 year old fridge, but not one with a camera. If it had one, it would not able to scan the full contents – I have a lot of stuff in my fridge. It would always just see the yogurts and cottage cheese singles right up front that I take to work for breakfast. I’d be matched with someone who is aghast when they see the actual contents of my fridge.


Then I would have no luck… Those days, I had no interest with food, yet. :roll_eyes::woozy_face: Husband was into eating, but not into cooking, so his fridge would be empty.

A fridge with a scanner and telling me expiry date will be great.

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It’s getting more and more creepy these days. New cars are being fitted with cameras and sensors to monitor drivers and passengers, apparently “for their safety”. Your every move, facial expression, every word you utter inside the vehicle is monitored and analysed. I prefer the contents of my fridge to remain private. Thanks, thought police.


As long as the fridge is NOT connected to internet. If not, Amazon will evalue your fridge and deliver at your door. No way I will have Alexa at my place or letting Amazon delivers inside my home.

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It might behoove some to hide their cans of cat food in the depths of their fridges lol. Including myself.


With a smart fridge, I’m sure my cat will learn how to command it. :heart_eyes_cat::kissing_cat: It will be his soulmate.

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Yes, no doubt about that! And then they will choose our dinners…


If it were up to my cats that I have now, it would be Chinese bakery buns (they love the slightly sweet bread) crammed into my fridge. They love that stuff. My previous cat (RIP) would have had a fridge filled with crab – which would be pretty awesome, to be honest. :grin: