Your favorite spot to dine in S.F.

Just googled:

OK. If you’re driving south on Mission Street, it’s between Onondaga and the Safeway…or, between the Burger King and the Safeway on Mission Street. 4826 Mission Street. (btw Russia and France) - the west side of Mission St.

Was there a downhill alert for Elmira? The last time I went in, they no longer had the stomach sandwich I’d heard so much about!

I, too, was disappointed that the “lampredotto”, the Italian tripe sandwich is not on the current menu. I went there specifically for that sandwich. Was I the only one to order it?

Thanks. We used to live in Noe Valley so you’ve oriented me quite well :slight_smile: We’re going to be down for Thanksgiving and plan/hope to get some time away from the fam!

BEST croissants in San Francisco. It’s my dream come true; buttery, flaky, laminated lightness. DH prefers the almond croissant.

Arsicault Bakery
397 Arguello Blvd. between Clement Street and Euclid (look for green awning over the door)
San Francisco 94118

opens at 7 am / closes at 1 pm
Closed Mondays

Tip: go early; easy parking at 7 am
often sold out by noon (call (415) 750-9460)

All these are near highway 1:

Once 1 merges with 280, stop by Little Yangon in Daly City for good Burmese.

Or keep driving up 1 and skyline for a breakfast or lunch at Outerlands, just not on the weekends as the wait can get absurd.

When you are ready to head home, pick up some frozen or freshly made dumplings to cook at home at Kingdom of Dumpling on 27th ave.

Pies and artichoke soup from Duarte’s in Pescadero.

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Nice list to start with . Speaking of dumplings . I always like to stop at one the delis on Geary . There is a Jewish one and the other Russian . I believe they are near the Orthodox church . I would always pick up a couple bags of the pelmeni . So good . And some other items . There is also a Russian bakery near there also across the street . Their cakes are super , big , and heavy . I’m going to hit up the spots mentioned above . Thanks

Buy pelmeni in frozen bags at Royal Market and at New World Market:

Royal Market and Bakery
5335 Geary Blvd. at 18th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94121

New World Market
5641 Geary Blvd at 21st Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121

I sometimes find the frozen pelmeni at the 4th Avenue/Geary Blvd. Produce Market at 3931 Geary Blvd. and find bargains on discounted produce.

For lunch: pelmeni in a bowl with sour cream (chicken broth is optional) at Cinderella Bakery & Cafe (outdoor seating) at 436 Balboa Street at 6th Avenue. I also like the Solianka Soup and the piroskis.

Asian American Food Company
2048 Taraval Street btw 30~31st Ave.

Take a peek in the back room and watch the ladies making fresh dumplings. If you’ve timed it right when the trays come out of that backroom, you can take home fresh dumplings. These are the Kingdom of Dumpling folks’ house production line.
Otherwise, you have frozen dumplings to purchase.

yes! olallieberry pie is THE BEST.

Your address is better- that’s actually where I got the dumplings near the O’reilly. FYI @emglow101

Ditto Duarte’s artichoke soup and pies.

Note to cynsa: very nice tempura smelts currently at Progress ( sf )

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OT but I’ve never eaten smelts. Are they strong tasting? TIA

More bony than strong tasting:

Marithes Tiganites:

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These are quite mild and tender. I’ve had some in Chinese restaurants that were stronger tasting, which i did not care for.

I see them in my Latino market but have hesitated. They’re cheap. I should buy some, cook and toss if I don’t like :slight_smile:

The ones at Progress were served with a rosemary aioli fwiw

As you’ve already discovered from my review tonight (Doc Ricketts (San Francisco, North Beach)), one of my faves is Doc Ricketts.

An old favorite we go back to again and again is Lolinda. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s “just” an Argentine steakhouse, there is so much more to this place. I’ve tried 90% of the menu and love it all, and have taken many friends there who feel the same. Great cocktails too.

Garcon (these are mostly in the Mission since that’s where I live) - nice little Frenchy bistro with a New Orleanean chef. He does really well.

For middle eastern, we love Arabian Nights. pay no attention to the kitschy Disney Arabia decor, the food is the real deal. perfect hummus.

We have so many good old school taquerias, but i really also like Mateo’s, a newish upscale taqueria.

Poc Chuc, after 9 years of not having been, is still turning out quality Yucatecan food. Try the mole with turkey (it’s more like a soup) with their homemade tortillas.

Newer American Bistro type-comfort food: Hoffmann’s on Guerrero. Rotisserie chicken and other meats. Homemade bread. Fantastic charred lettuce salad.

Back in North Beach, Il Casaro is the best Italian place around, for wood-fired pizza, salumi, fresh mozz, roasted cauli, etc.

Just discovered Chubby Noodle there, too, for really fun, great-tasting Asian fusion.

If I think of others I’ll come back.

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