Your favorite NJ pickles

Where are your spots folks? It can be restaurants/delis, grocery stores, farmers markets, your own recipe, etc.

Right now I’d say my two favorites are the “sweet and hot” ones I get at the red bank farmers market and the whisky pickles at surf bbq. Oh and the fried pickles at local smoke are top notch.

I loooove the pickles at Frank’s Deli in Asbury.

Wow @corvette_johnny +1 on all three of your picks! I’d only add the place in the middle of Collingswood Auction Flea Market main building.

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Has anybody had the chubby pickle?

I’ve been there many times. My cousin lives down the road so I meet him there a bit. It’s bar food and kind of a dive, but their 5 dollar burger night is decent. What would you like to know? Trivia night is pretty fun and they have half price wing night too. Their chili is decent too. Pizza sucks.

@seal try cutting a quart of the “hot and sweet” pickles with an 8th of cider vinegar. They come out nicely! Give it a 3 day soak.

@CurlzNJ I have to get to franks. I hear good things. I believe you are a jsbbq fan too. Their pickles are great and have a good cider vinegar profile.

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How about the chubby fried?

I don’t recall them being anything too special.

I picked up some of these tonight at foodtown

Stop in & try our pickles. We do Dill Chips & Bread & Butters. All made with NJ cucumbers too!

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Joe, what is the name of your spot?

The Pickle people at Bell Labs marketplace have delicious fresh pickles and other pickled foods. You can’t beat the ability to buy small batch variety in one place and taste test beforehand.