Your Favorite Commercially available Paté/Terrine

In all my years of trying store-bought cans or jars of paté, including many that are not normally available in the U.S., I have finally stumbled upon one that is a keeper, and it is from a very commercial source: Henaff brand Pork Liver Confit with Herbs de Provence. I was given this jar, so I don’t know how it was procured. But this is the first one that I would actively seek out.

It has a very short list of ingredients: pork, pork livers, Cognac, salt and spices. The flavor is very porky and very high in Cognac. It is very spreadable as well.

Do you have a favorite?

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I do.

This pate de campagne from one of the two supermarkets we use regularly. Now, to be frank, it’s not as good as either of the recipes I might use to make my own pate de campagne. But that’s only at Christmas. In between, this is pretty good. Nice and chunky so cutlery needed to eat it.