Your favorite bite ?

I cooked lamb ribs again for what you would say is my favorite bite . It’s the piece down from the eye . The last bite off the end of the chop hugging the bone with a bit of membrane and with that gelatinous piece of fat is overwhelmingly delicious . The tip of the pizza slice that bends and says hello . Egg yolk running over toasted sourdough you folded the bacon between . The very end of the ice cream cone holding the last bit of melted vanilla ice cream . These are just a couple of my favorite bites . What’s yours ?


The crispy skin on a nice piece of roasted pork belly.
The bit of roasted marrow on a toasted bread.
I too love a runny egg yolk on toast.
That lump of back fin meat on a crab
And my latest discovery maybe the still creamy, just cooked mustard/roe from a steamed hairy crab


The pistachio-green “marrow” from the interior of a thick stem of Brussels sprouts. You hack the log into pieces to fit a steamer basket. Once steamed, the chunks split easily. Scrape out the creamy marrow with a spoon. It tastes like a blend of broccoli stem and artichoke heart.

Those two oyster-shaped bites of dark meat nestled against the pelvis of a roast chicken, and of course, the skin flap that stretches over the stuffing on the neck end, because that skin is brownest.


Roast chicken oysters! I adore them and wish I could buy them in bulk. Can you imagine a stir fry featuring chicken oysters ( although if there were a large quantity of them their specialness would likely diminish).

The first bite of a lobster roll at a picnic table at a Maine lobster pound.


The fatty end of a piece of bacon. The burnt cheese corner of any casserole/baked pasta. The corner of the chicken thigh that has the crispiest, fattiest skin. The tip of a cheesecake slice. The meat inside of the shrimp tail. The heel of my mother’s French bread, hot from the oven and stuffed with a chunk of cold salted butter (one for me, one for dad). The first cherry of the season.

I also agree with all of you on chicken oysters, pork belly skin, the fatty bites of lamb chops (I never french the bones because I love to eat those crispy fat bits!) and most definitely lobster roll!


most of the above, plus one guilty pleasure I give into once or twice a year… The “pickle bite” of a quarter pounder with cheese. Husband who claims to hate pickles has no idea what he’s missing.


Sucking out the…

  • marrow in chicken bones, and fish bones (such as tuna).
  • “stuff” or roe in prawn heads.

Crunchy bits like cartilage of skate wings, and chicken breast bone.

Layer of burnt rice.
Crust of bread loaf and pizza

I’m sure there’s a lot more.


The corner piece from my mom’s christmas fudge
The first bite of the tip of a soft serve cone
The last two bites of salad where all the sliced nuts are
The innards of a still warm bagel
The center of the cinnamon roll
A stolen french fry

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There is a brand of ice cream cone in Asia called the Dairy Company. At the very end of the ice cream cone of my favorite vanilla icecream, they have some solid chocolate. As a kid, I loved that.

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