Your favorite biscuit recipe for strawberry shortcake

Do you have a favorite, maybe including sour cream?

I want to go all out, will make fresh whipped cream, too.

You can’t find a lighter or easier 'biscuit" than these cream scones. Really stupid easy, just moisten dry ingredients with heavy cream, toss, turn out, cut into wedges and bake.


Pretty easy: (no amounts, just from memory) self rising flour, a dash of superfine sugar and enough heavy whipping cream to hold it together. Pat this shaggy mess into a 1" high square. Cut with a floured knife into 9 squares, brush lightly with melted butter and bake on parchment @ 450° until risen and medium brown on top. Brush again with melted butter when removing from oven. Cool thoroughly. You can sprinkle granulated sugar on the top right after baking. I’ve used some buttermilk in place of cream and they’ve been great. These are excellent with sliced strawberries that have been well macerated with lots of sugar and Grand Marnier. Don’t forget the lightly sweetened extra heavy whipping cream on top, or crème fraîche. :strawberry:



I really like this Smitten Kitchen recipe for the shortcake which is adapted from a Claudia Fleming recipe. It is unusual in that it uses hard boiled egg yolks. I like to cut them to size and then freeze the shortcakes individually before baking.

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