Your fave $20 or less Champagne/Sparkling wine. . .

I find the Chandon Rose on sale for around $14-16 is lovely.
Mumms Rose $14+
Piper-Sonama Brut for around $12-15 is another good one.
Veuve Ambal at BevMo is $19.95 with next bottle .5 cent and just had this and was a great deal and delicious!

What are your fave’s?

Happy New Year!

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All good choices. That’s a great price for Veuve Ambal.

Another of our standard under-$20 sparklers is Gruet Brut Blanc de Noir ($17.99 at D&M in San Francisco), from New Mexico of all places.

Spanish Table sells a $9.99 cava, Dibon, that’s really excellent for the price.

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Opened a Barefoot Premier Brut at midnight last night. At $9 it’s not ever going to be top shelf, but surprisingly decent bubbles.

My go to is Freixenet. (The black bottle. )


when I was in college, my BF and I didn’t like beer, so we’d bring a bottle of Freixenet…we were the weird girls…

I agree it’s quite respectable.

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I no longer drink alcohol, but Mrs Harters does.

She’s another fan of Freixenet, although generally prefers the small (200ml) bottles of Cordorniu Benjamin, which is just about the right size for an aperitif.

This Christmas, she’s taken to Lidl’s prosecco which has been a bargain at around £5.


+1 on Chandon Rose’. Have your tried Roederer Estate?

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We really like the Gruet. Didn’t know that New Mexico did wine of any sort.

I like the Bellenda - Prosecco spumante Extra dry Millesimato for a sparkling wine. It’s around $12.5 (11.50€).

This year from the food and wine fair, we bought several bottles of champagnes for $17.30 (15.90€), Champagne Auguste Huiban - Cuvée des Dames Blanches. Labelled as RM - Récoltant manipulant

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Bele Casel DOCG Prosecco. It’s about $16 a bottle.

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I enjoy Roederer Estate champagne…

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We’re in Seattle right now and I fixed Hazan’s pasta carbonara last night. Served it with Chateau St. Michelle sparkling rose’. It was lighter in color than what I’m used to but we liked it tremendously. I’ll look for it when we get home.

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Make sure you hit up in the alley across from Pike Place, the fantastic chowder place…

We’ll be back in about three weeks, taking possession of our tiny condo!!! Will check it out then. This trip was almost totally kids and grands :slight_smile: And I ain’t complaining!

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Is that under $20? Where? I’d love to get some . . .

Thanks! Great price . . . I’ll head over there this week.

I got it at Bev Mo…